Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Lunges can kill you

From the past few weeks, I am unable to get a fully rested sleep. I do sleep on time by 10:30, but keep getting up at weird times like, 1:30 AM last night. It hampers my sleep a lot, and I find that I struggle to get through the day with less sleep and rigorous workouts. Definitely need to work on this! Getting a minimum of 6.5 - 7 hours of SOUND sleep is very important.

But since its our coaching time on BMCC grounds, I did get up, and dragged myself there. But once I am there, its a totally different story. My body is all charged up for the awesome killer workouts our sir has designed for the day. Today was LUNGES.

We did the below kinds of lunges, unfortunately I don't have any pics. I keep forgetting to take one, while exercising. I am just describing it write now, but I have this feeling that we are going to go through this torture again, so I shall have pics for you soon.

Forward lunges: The basic lunge. 12 * 4 reps.
Forward lunges with 5kg weights: The basic lunge with holding the 5 kg weight in front of your chest. 12 * 3 reps
Backward lunges with 5 kgs weights: Lunge backward (ensuring you stabilize on your front leg) with holding the 5 kg weight straight up your head. 12 * 2 reps.
Forward lunges with 5kg weights with side twist: The basic lunge with holding the 5 kg weight in front of your chest. Once bent forward, twist to your side and come up. 12 * 3 reps.
Side twist lunge with 5 kgs weights: Same as forward lunge, but instead of landing straight ahead, you land slightly to your side. 12 *3 reps.

Came back home, felt drained out. Ate breakfast and slept like a log. Skipped office, because I felt exhausted due to the sleep issue I mentioned above. If you have to rest, you have to. Ideally I should have skipped the trainings, but since I love these bmcc trainings a lot, I skipped office. Bad I know, but my efficiency would have been zero today!

Felt 10000 times better after my nap, so decided to head off to Life republic. For those who don't know, I had booked a flat in 2012, and its ready now!! I had to show it to my mom, and Ash had to check hers too (yeah even she bought a flat here).

I finish off with this below picture. See it carefully! This is easily one of the most significant pictures of year 2015. My own House. Can't describe feelings in words. Thank you Ash, for making me do this! I owe this one to you. Easily the only good decision I took in my late 20s!

Do you guys lunge?

Do you feel guilty when you bunk office for a not so strong reason?

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Why workout with a partner and races costly much?

Mornings don't start at 7 anymore. They start at 5AM. Although exercising always give you a high, sometimes you just wish you could snooze and sleep more for one day. But that's how working out with a partner helps out! When one knows someone is also getting up at 5 and is figuring out how to get into a sports bra when the mind is still snoozing, one cannot call/msg and say sorry but I am too lazy to get out of my bed. Its a responsibility to one another and this accountability is what motivates you on the lame days. Well,  it was one such for me, but Pallo waiting up for me, had me out of the bed in 5 seconds. As she rightly pointed out later, the toughest distance for any runner is the one from your bed to the door. Couldn't agree more!

On my drive to meet Pallo for our run. Zero traffic roads, awesome! Be rest assured I was fully awake here!

Reached Chandani Chowk CCD. Did 8 kms. As usual the first km felt painful. But remaining 3kms downhill were too easy. Uphill back again for a change felt bearable. The hill training and circuit training have begun to show their effects. Chatted with Abhijit and Krishna on our return. They start late, around 6:20.

Rest of the day was a normal office routine. Took the office bus today. Just made it in time to catch it. My workout ends at 7:05. I make to my house back by 7:15. Bath and breakfast in the next 15 mins, and 7:40 at the bus stop to catch the bus. This is only possible due to my super woman mom. I have no clue how I am going to make it once she leaves for Bangalore!

Once back home, I see a parcel waiting for me. Yoga bars have arrived! These babies are super delicious and super healthy. I had shared the link on the nutrition bar from sat. Would let you know how well it works out in days to come. I am too excited. Don't all the flavors look ultra tempting!

And now for the 10 minute arm workout. If you are like me, and are not fond of lifting weights, this 10 mins arm workout is awesome. Yes, this includes weights, but the trainer Holly Perkins makes it very interesting. and guess what, it only for 10 mins. Just 10 mins!

Looked up a couple of races to run before Hyderabad in and around Pune. Found two, both cost 900, both don't give timing chips or t shirts. So really not sure what the 900 is for! May sound crude, but due to the growing popularity of running and marathons in general, entering into races are becoming costly. Surely not the right way to go if we want to promote running. So not sure about the high costs, unless I am really missing something here!

Bright point -> Tomorrow our training at BMCC. Excited to see whats in store for us!

What time is a human waking hour for you guys? 
Used to be 6:30 - 7, but now get up by 5

Do you guys use the office bus too?
Yes for me. I sleep the entire time!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Matters

But before Monday matters rewind to Saturday evening. 1.5 hours of dance. I died by the end of it! Came home and rushed to the theater. Watched Killa (national award winning Marathi movie) with mum. Its slow but beautiful picture. I will watch it again if you guys take me :-).

Sunday was supposed to be a long run day, but I felt tired, so took an off day. No shame in that. Always listen to your body. The day went off in doing a lot of pending activities like fixing my laptop, cleaning up my gmail (deleted a lot of emails and unsubscribed from loads of links, deleted emails from people not a part of my life as well) and then took mom for shopping and some doughnut eating.

I first stared for 10 flat minutes at all the below deliciousness at Mad Over Doughnuts at JM road.

And then settled for the Milk one.

Ok Now back to Monday morning. Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays we train with our coach (will disclose the name after I have taken his permission) at BMCC ground. We do some kickass crossfit from 5:45 to 7, and by the end of it, we almost die, reach hell and come back to earth. The one in purple is Pallo and the one in pink is me.

Crossfit is helping us loads, and I would slowly include what do we actually do when I say cross fit. But meanwhile, do savor this amazing morning view of BMCC grounds. This is at 5:45 am. Yeps lots of light at that hour nowadays.


Came back home, had nariyal pani for the recovery drink. 2 Dosas, eggs and tea for breakfast.

Then decided I will not use by brains, and wore white. This is what my chudidaar looked like after reaching office, courtesy Pune rains and traffic!

Ended the day with 7 kms evening run in 44 minutes, and a quick visit to the Mritunjay temple near karve statue since its Monday.

How was your Monday?

Do you avoid wearing whites during rains?

How do you like your eggs, boiled, omelette or scrambled?

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Running the Hyderabad Half Marathon 2015

Well, I have officially started training for Hyderabad half marathon. Actually I am into the second week right now. For people who don't know I have completed 2 half marathons last year, so I am officially a long distance runner now (yayyy). This training is getting very interesting because I am training with a partner right now. Last Aug I had joined the Pune running group and met some wonderful people who were (if that's possible) more crazy about running that I am :-D :-P I met Pallo there, and since then we have grown really close. 

Training for any distance is fun, and if you have someone who is equally mad about fitness and running, then its Diwali everyday :-) 

Today we did the Oxford Golf Course route, and its an all and all hill route. One thing we are doing different for this marathon is running up those mad hills every once a week, and we have done that twice already. Its a mind boggingly (yeps that's a word :-P) beautiful route though. 

Started at 5:45 AM, did a 1 km warm up at Vaishnavi till Trikaya and back, because that's a out and out flat route. Jumped back into the car and drove till Oxford (which is about 5 mins, by car) before we got cooled down again and then attacked the hills. We did this because, the last time, with very less warmup the hills were very painful, atleast the first 2 kms. This time, ofcourse its always painful, but we felt way way better after the initial warm up. And yeah slow running for one km, is the best kind of warm up as per me :-P

Unfortunately don't have any photos of the route, but next time (which is hopefully tues) I will have pics put up here. Did the hills, with million of breaks, and ran with a pace wherein we could talk. Of course when its Pallo and me, we can yacckk away till dusk. While returning, the cool hotel receptionist from the hifi OGC gave us two cute bisleri bottles. We forgot to carry ones and we were totally dehydrated. And yes have to mention, both of us walked down the hill, because downhills are very easy and tempting, but they are horrible for my leg knee and shin. Ditto for Pallo. No injuries please.

We had a very interesting discussion about our nutrition. We have decided to try glutamine into our daily runs. It aids muscle recovery and delays fatigue. Since we don't want to try something on the race day, we would be trying it shortly in the next few weeks hopefully and see how it works. Will update the blog accordingly. We also discussed nutrition bars for before and after runs.

I have two links for you

And if you want some really good energy bars (not the ones which include sugar, corn syrup)

Came home, ate methi parathas and one boiled egg and a cup of tea(courtesy mum, with her here, life is super duper easy and blessed), and slept for three hours straight. 

Rest of the day: Hydrating like crazy, reading a suspense novel, eating hot chips, then dance class in the evening, and then maybe a movie :-P Majaani LIFE!

A post without pics is boring :

So my muncher cruncher for now. Water and hot chips, deadly combo! and of course this is one hour after my lunch. Yeps, I told you, I can't diet :-P

Priya has also enrolled for the Hyd Half, its her first and she is going to rock it!!! Here's her pic from HYD. Wow, the sheer turnout of the people for a weekend run makes me sooo happy!! Sooo looking forward to running with these hard core champs. You can spot Priya in the last row, in her fluorescent green t shirt :-)

Pallo sent this, and ITS SO DAMN TRUE!

I didn't seem to find any good running blogs in India (tons from the west to read though). so if you have not noticed, this is turning out into a running blog, with loads of other crap as well. You are welcome :-P

Do any of you guys run?

What plans for you Saturday?
Anyone tried nutrition bars?

Friday, May 1, 2015

Long Overdue Hyderabad Trip in Pictures

There are a mountain of posts which have to be written and shared with everybody. So much has been happening in 2015. I have loads of stuff to tell you guys. First ASH GOT MARRIED LAST WEEK! It would be the understatement of the year if I just said that I am so happy for her. I sooo very much adore her, and I can easily say that her marriage was one of the most joyous and happy moments of MY life. So when her wedding date had been decided, we knew we had to go on a trip to HYD soon. I think we had been planning this trip for almost a year and a half and for very stupid reasons it never seemed to happen. And now that we had a deadline, we decided that we are travelling to HYD in Mar 2015, come what may. OK, why HYD? Priya our equally dearest friend stays there, and we have shared some awesome memories with her in London. The poor girl always visited us in Pune like 1000 of times and Ash had to visit her at least once. More than her, we wanted to meet her cute little lab, Kush!

I was scared of dogs all my life, but any dog scaring person would fall in love with adorable Kush. He doesn't bite, and ONLY loves to love. Thank you Priya, this is the first time, any dog has ever licked me, and this is the first time, I have been so close and attached to a dog, that I am having thoughts of adopting one :-) HYD was an amazing trip. And the rest I think I will let the pictures do the talking.

Tentatively touching the cutie pie

 Isn't he the cutest?

Aww moments below :-)

 With Priya and her love!

OK, So its not the first time, someone is irritated with my frizzy hair :-D And clearly the only person here, who looks the calmest is KUSH :-|

Couldnt let it be too perfect a picture :-P

And thats how one can POSE and KISS. Poor my mum :-P

And all three of us. Yeah tired. That what you look like when you shop till you drop! But I still love the pic :-)

Kush was upset that I was leaving.

Bangle shopping in HYD. Be amazed with all the colors and glitter please!

And ofcourse , the Charminar in all its glory!!!

Energy drink = Sugarcane juice

Just one more, because this monument is really beautiful

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Birthdays become doubly special when

You get gifts a week before the actual day :-) :-) Ash and Priya you guys are the best. My angels.

(There is actually a very cute story associated with this one. Ash asked me for an opinion with respect to watches on one of the online websites, stating she needed to buy one for her close school friend. I told her what I liked. And lo, a week later wasn't I in for a surprise when I find the same watch, after I open the above gift wrapped parcel. I totally loved it because I know how much it costs. Lol I kid :-P)

When your family makes it a point to be there with you 2 days before your special day and plan a smashing birthday weekend outing. Kiniamma, Navin tiddi, Priya you were dearly missed, and I understand why you were not there.

(The pictures are from the amazing lunch we had en route Tamini ghat. My mom had bought the most detailed lunch which included pickles, papads and chaas as well :-) )

When you have a surprise visit from a friend (who has become terribly close in the past one very difficult year, both for him and me) after 12 in the night, and gets loads of peru, chocolates, birthday card and very special handwritten letter. I shall cherish the letter for life my friend.

When your birthday falls on a Saturday. I don't think we need pictures to explain this.

And when its your 30th birthday. I am certainly not explaining this.


We are weird because

We yell in joy, when we spot this in Aundh Pune. I had coffee from this place almost every single day when I was in London. And when I say London, it brings back some great memories (And some other memories which I would conveniently like to forget :-) )

Of course I didn't have this drink everyday in London. Simply because-> I could either drink that or save to buy a house in Pune :-P

We are also weird because, we click such photos when the movies don't start on time, and there are no worth watching trailers :-|

We are also weird when we don't head to work, but instead stop right on the highway to click some amazing photos. Rains. Pune. Love.

And finally can't get weirder than this. Eat deserts before the starters at Barbecue nation !

What weird things do you do?