Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Zor Lage ke

Ok, So I had a dreadful day yesterday.. And I have to write something different to change gears..:-)

I drive a Maruti 800.. Please don't say a negative word about this car, as to how old fashioned it is, and just 800cc ki gadi.. and all and all.. I love this car.. and it has a lot of sentiments attached with it. Papa bought this in 1999 and it was the first car in our family. So it has been showered upon with a lot of love, care and servicing by amma papa..

ok, so the last weekend, I took away my golden beauty to the maruti service station.. I had not been very good to her and she did show her wrath in her special own way.. Although she was bathed every alternate day, tvacha ki andar se safali nahi hui thi..i.e. no servicing for 6 months.. Dekha dekha, and finally she just would not start on a busy highway at 9 in the night..(but eventually did start) So lesson learnt.. that very Saturday, she was taken to the maruti sai service station at JM road in Pune.

So when this girl wants to pamper itself, she leaves no stone unturned.. All that pampering and massaging, oil and brake fluid changing cost me a good 7000 bucks... but never mind.. 6 months mein 7K sirf ek baar is fine..


But this post is not about the servicing of my(well err papa's) car but more about what happened after the servicing..

So Maruti guys promised me, that I could pick up the car over the weekend itself.. Weekend came and went, but no calls from them. Monday ko finally I call, and they tell me, ki Tuesday ko the car is available. Now since I work long hours almost till 9 nowadays (this new project seems to have loads of work!!), there was no way I could go from Hinjewadi to JM to collect it. So instead they offer me their home delivery facility,of course not for free, but for a good 100 bucks.. I am fine with that, and tell them to come around 9:30 night.

Tuesday: So I wait and wait, and finally get a call at 10:30 in the night. A man who is very irritated is yelling into the phone.. 'Madam, petrol khatam ho gaya!!!'. ok, so I guess this is the man with my car and it is my car who has no fuel.. I am all tensed now, but I camly ask him 'Bhaiya kaha ho?'..

So after exchanging landmarks and shop names, I know the coordinates of my car and the man, who is actually the driver from the service station(of course you would have guessed this by now, how lame of me!!)

This place is not far, just approx 700-800 metres away from my house. In 10-15 minutes I am there, and ask him to try and start the car. OK so we try try try, but my darling girlie will not budge. Don't blame her, there iisn't a drop of petrol in the tank.

Me now frustated, asked the driver, how can he drive so far knowing that there is so little petrol in the car. Also, the petrol indicator start blinking like mad, when there is just petrol enough to take you 5 kms ahead only. He replies back, saying he did tell his managers, but the managers told him to obey him and not talk much. So he decided to ignore the blinking and just drive along..Me: what???why??? how could..?/? what the..??

I call up the manager. Manager, instead of apologising, tells me, to buy a can and go and get petrol. Now I am really angry. I am standing on the road which is good 15 minutes from my house..it uphill all the way..its after 10:30, so no petrol pumps close to my house are open. and I have no can(they don't provide petrol in the bottles nowadays in pune) to get petrol.. He thinks, and hmms and hamms and then tells me to catch a rick and get petrol from a pump which is 45 mins away one way (in a rick)..oh wow, what an idea pshco.. I flare up, and give him a earful. Starting with how can he send the car with so little petrol, he could very well fill it up, and I would then pay the money later..
So he then goes defensive first and then totally stops responding..Irritating!!!.. He then starts telling me about all those years he has worked with cars, and how he knows that the petrol in my car was surely enough..Argghhh!!!! Lameness is hud ho gai thi!

After wasting 15 mins on the manager, the driver and I decide to push the car..Wow, my first time.. so I am like ..'Kitna mushkil ho sakta hain??big deal..lets push!!'
He starts pushing from the right hand window near the steering wheel, since he also has to control the steering.. and I take the back..

So the task is to push the Maruti for a distance of 700 odd metres, a total uphill with 3 speed breakers.. sound easy na..?

Hell no!!
We start, and for the first time, I am aware of the muscles which are present in my thighs and buttocks.. The hamstring, gluteal, quadriceps muscles discussions among the leaner lot in the gym is coming screaming back to me!!..
After painful 5 mins, we are at the first speed breaker. I take a pause to halt..ok so never do that w/o telling the person who is handling the steering wheel.. The minute you stop pushing, the car rolls backwards right on to you..I pause, it comes back in double speed, and next I know, I am almost falling under it!!.. Immediately the driver realises this, and pulls the hand brake to stop the car motion.. Ahh I am saved..!! Driver glares.. and I am
'don't need this now buddy'


We take a break of 2 minutes, and start again.. Couple of bikers go past us, and the riders show me their pearly whites. I am aghast.. ok, so I am ajj ki nari and all that.. and I dont need a hand while I push my car.. But this is really insensitive.. I mean if it were me.. I would help push even if it was a solid well built guy, or alteast ask, or the least, never laugh!!!..
Believe me guys, pushing a car is not something I look forward to doing again soon, it is really tough!!!

We continue pushing, zor lage ke, and this we go non stop without stopping over the third speed breaker as well.. I clearly picture myself -> just pushing and pushing and not even looking up to see how much distance we had covered..:-(((
After 15 minutes, we finally manage to push my car into the parking..For the last bit, the watchmen were kind enough to help.. So grateful sachi!! Cleared of the bills and did give gave extra something to the 2 watchmen and the driver..They deserved it totally.. and what did I deserve.. no work out for the entire week.. :-)))

So even though it was painful.. I was proud of myself, that I actually pushed a 1000kg vehicle!!! And now I know that I can push my car if needed be, anytime, anywhere.. But at the same time am also thinking , thank god my parents did not buy/could not afford a car like Esteem(was very popular then) or something like that then..:-)) What would it be like if they had.. Hmmm.. lets not even think about that na :-)))

PS: The service station guys did call me after couple of days for my feed back about the servicing. The car was very well serviced, but I did mention about the aftermath. The lady was kind enough to mention, that she would check and address this issue as priority. She said she would get as soon as possible. It has been 2 weeks since that incident and and I am still waiting for the 'get back'

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oops!! Change in Itinerary

So when I was 10, 12, 15, 18 I planned and planned and planned...and then zipppzap, cut to present, am 27 now, and lo.. am thinking, 'This is not happening as I planned!'

What I planned:
I hated computers and once almost failed in the 6th std. Took a oath, never to have to do with anything that deals with computers..
What I ended up with:
Working in an IT giant for the last 5 years, and earning my bread butter using this damn thing called computers!

What I planned:
I would find a guy and make him fall for me. Would get a dreamy proposal with flowers and kisses.. he would have to propose but ofcource!! and a fairy tale love story later..muah muah..
What I ended up with:
I proposed my guy over a message, when I was travelling from Pun to Mumbai. Did not even say the 'love' word. Just said, how would it be together..?
He replied back: 'Hmm ok, I need 2 days to get back.' Me -> ????????

What I planned:
I would always settle in Mumbai come what may. and I hate pune, because all my snobbish friends (except one) moved to Pune after 12th and became even more snobbier(if that's a word!)
What I ended up with:
I am living in Pune since 2006, and since I am marrying a guy who is in Pune, looks like I am eventually going to settle down here for good..

What I planned:
I would be married at the age of 25(yes exact, as if when the clocked strikes 12 on my bday, the man of my dreams would arrive magically by my bed with a ring at his side) and I would have my baby when I turn 27.
What I ended up with:
Me unmarried. So ofcourse I did not get married when I was 25. and I am 27 for the past 6 months, so even if I wanted to, my illegitimate child will not be born, when I am still 27..

5. What I planned:
I would marry a guy who would at least be 2 years elder to me, and at most be 4 years elder to me. And he would belong to my caste.
What I ended up with:
I am marrying a guy who is 10 months younger to me, and he is a Maharashtrian..

6. What I planned:
I would never ever put my leg in the swimming pool and in a swimming costume. Because I am terrified petrified of water and drowning..
What I ended up with:
I have started swimming from Aug 2011, and although I am still very scared of the water, I have managed to swim all the strokes comfortably..

7. What I planned:
I would have the most lavish wedding, and would wear my finest traditional, and perform all the rituals of the wedding, the pheras and kanyadan included with the most solemn expression on my face..
What I ended up with:
We are having a registered marriage, which will not have any of the rituals, but just a certificate which we have to sign..

Phhffftt...all those plans, just blew up right on my face na.. I was busy planning everything as per 'my definition' of the ideal world, but all along God was like''Oops beta, a slight change in the itinerary!!' , and lifted me out of my dreams and planted me back into the real world!!..
But do I regret his changes?? well not really..

I don't hate my work so much, and really cant do without my laptop..so not sure, what was I thinking back then??

My guy did take 2 days, but said yes. And this was in 2009, and he has stood by me since then!

My love for Mumbai can never diminish, but I prefer the gentle weather and hustle bustle young crowd of Pune. I love this city now!

I was not married by 25, but who cares.. as long as I marry the guy of my dreams, I don't give a damn about the age anymore .. Guess I matured! About kids, I need to mature a tinywiny little bit more :-)

Yeps, he is younger, but 10 times more mature and grounded than I am.. I have seen guys 3-4 years elder to me, but behave like kids..I am better of with this younger hero of mine na?

Ahh swimming, how I love it now, the best est stress buster ever. All credit goes to Ash for getting me into that pool and teaching me how to swim. Yes you got that right, I never learnt from a coach, learnt it all from her!! And yes it is the best way to get a shapely body guys.. Go for it.

Well not very cool with the registered marriage, but I guess it is the guy whoI get married would matter more than the celebrations and the photo albums in the long run na..

So bhagwanji..you know what, I will continue to plan and plan.. but you always welcome to come and change the itinerary thoda idar udar..All additions/subtractions are now most welcome :-))

Monday, December 5, 2011

'You are now, dead for me!'

I was insensitive and rude, most times, would say things and would not apologise, thinking, time would take care of it.. but time wasn't my bestest friends.. and I got the greatest lesson of my life in 2008. I left for London UK on the 18 Oct 2008. Papa, amma, and other family members came to see me off at the Mumbai airport. I had fought with Papa, because he kept on pestering me, saying that I should keep my passport safely. I was irriatated, and was really very tensed about travelling all alone, internationally. I bade a tearful good bye to all, including dad, but till the end didnot agree about the passport stuff. and flew off to UK.

That was the last I saw my dad, and even though I loved him the most and he knew this, I cannot forget that I fought with him that last time I saw him.. I got no time to apologise..I got no second chance, I never knew, I just never knew..

Now, after every fight, I try my best to clear it out the day itself. I always fear, what if this was the last time I interacted with that person, what if this was the last time I spoke to that person.. what if I would never get a second chance..!

Someone recently said 'You are now dead for me'
This has actually triggered me to write this post, and bring out such painful memories, which have been buried deep down in my heart, mind, my soul...

Death is uncertain, and we are always at its peril...God sends us on earth to live this beautiful life, and we disgust him by fighting on petty things and doing everything to make it the most horrible thing to do and say and live.. What if god told us, that today is your last day in your life? We would regret on all lost time, cry in self pity for the so very little time that we have now, then gear up to be positive and blah and do all those things, that we always want to do, call our loved ones, apologise.. sort everything, do things till time permits, and then leave the world..isnt?

But sadly, god doesnot give us a notification on our calanders about this day.. and even more sadly, though we all know this evil truth, we dont do what we love, and we dont show our loved ones, how much we love. We leave for an other day, we trust our time, and our loved ones time a little too much!!!

'You are now dead for me'! I wish to ask that person, do you really know what is to feel when someone dies? Just saying it, but knowing that the person is still alive, and actually feeling it when the person dies are two oppsoties of a pole! The words that this person has said, is unaccountable to the trauma and the atmosphere of the house where a person is no more. It takes tremendous courage to live again in the house, whose each corner, each wall, has a happy memory, which is no more happy but painful..Painful becuase those memories are only to be remebered..To open the cupboard to find the clothes, shoes, ties which cannot be worn again.. to find the brush and the shaving kit, and the hair on the razor which leaves you in a trance for a minute everyday, before you gather yourself and start brushing again. To sit at the dining table, and close your eyes, just to imagine the times before. To sleep, and then try to remember how that voice sounded, knowing always that you would never hear it again.. To celebrate each happy occassion, festival with a ache in the heart, imagining how things would have been be a year back.. To stop your hands from shivering when you go through the photo album!!!!! Painful, heart wrenching, dreadful..best kept in the heart and not on paper right??

But I cannot stop myself, and it is here on paper, and I write it, when people say such words, which can never never again be taken back, for a figth so petty!!!! This, This is what it means, when someone is dead. This is how much of a pain, you should undergo, if you want to say such things!!Words said, with hatred and venegance, words said to hurt beyond recognistion. Words, which Now make you feel good about yourself, since you know the damage it has inflicted upon is the highest. But words which are actually hollow, empty, worthless, and show how shallow your heart is, and how worthless you consider the life is which we have been given to LIVE!

Petty issues, are not worthwhile enough for me to die for. and even though you say it, I would still choose to ignore it and Live my life as I have always wished to. You say, I am dead for you, But I am alive for everyone else. I dont wish for you to be dead anytime, but I wish to hate you. You come to me for apologies in this life, I will forgive you. Till then, I am fine to be dead for you!

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Intruder

I stare across the hall in a shock. It is almost dark but I see the sly winning look again, the creeps are back in me, and a shiver goes down my spine. I again feel an outsider in my own house .. Today I dont run away.. but instead decide to fight back. I want to overcome this fear once for ever..I cant bear to live like this anymore.. I glare and maintan eye contact, but grope around for a weapon.. The vase is what my hand touches..and the weight of it gives me a boost. I surge ahead with a new confidence.. but the intruder stands his ground.. I know I have to act fast, and I know the intruder is now alert..The narrow stream of moonlight shines in from the window.. For a split second, I break eye contact..and look out of it, The intruder takes the bait and the eyes follows me..The distraction is enough, and in the next instant I crash the vase.. Beaten, the intruder fleds ground and jumps out of the window.. And then suddenly I go blind!!!

I have now finally overcome my fear for cockroaches.. and the lights have also come back..Home is home again :-)

PS: In reality I am not afraid of rats/lizards/cockroaches. The slimy ones bring about the above effect for me :-P

First near, now miles apart; but always close to the heart

Khushboo, The first day of the school -> Despair and fear
Amongst the haughty and the rich, smiling along you appear..
You chat and you ask, you understand my words - not clear…
You hold my hand and you walk, my sadness you bear..

I walk with you that day ; and then I walk with you each day
I listen to you talk; and I nod and obey
I share my secrets, my joy and my sorrow..
I look up to you, in every which way

You fight for me, while I hide away..
Spirited and spunky, you then teach we your way…
You empathize with me, and you shout at me
You make me like you, you make me brave

We fight sometimes, and then dont bother
We hurt, we anger. and dont talk to each other
But when the day is over and the sun is to set
We apologise, we laugh, and we shed tears together..

8 years of school but a friendship forever,
The hour of separation and but a promise to remember..
To meet again and never forget..
The meaning of us both, in the life of each other!!!

PS: This post is for Khush, who has been my BFF for the 17 years!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


There is a saying in Marathi LBW -> 'Labun bara watto'.. It means, Great, but but only from far!!
This post is for all the Best dressed men/women, who create a great first impression, but ruin all the dressing up efforts, with their extra shaanpatti
behavior..Behavior which is immature, inconsiderate and insensitive to the people around you..Behavior which immediately presents yourself as a snobbish, egotistic person, who thinks the world at his/her feet and disregards everybody else..

I have had the misfortune to come across such kind at different time / places in my life..have been keenly observing them, and really pity their family / friends who have to deal with them everyday!!(But again the ques, do they behave with them as well in the same fashion?)

Jumping the line irritates the hell out of me, and most times I want to yell at the person to get their damn butt back, and join the line..We are not fools waiting for you to come by, and see you disregard the queue , smugly smile at the people standing in it, and walk right up to the beginning of the queue...

In London, I had observed that these morons were at their best behaviour.. no one wanted to be called an outsider.. and everyone wanted to gel right into the angreezi crowd.. None would jump the line in the LHR airport, would stand erect and act angreez..
But as soon as they land into Mumbai Chatrapati shivaji airport and breathe in the Indian air.. it hits them, that 'arey india pahuchgaye? dekado apne asli rang..!'
Me was standing in the line for customs, with my trolley over flowing with my baggage ..oh yes, I am always overflowing (with my baggage ofcrse :-))whenever I am travelling..be it international / domestic / gao / ghar/ office/ kidar bhi!!)
and a guy( note tie coat suit gel wel waigera), walks right past me and 10 others and deposits his stuff for customs..Glares and glares and a few words from me.. and he looks back with an amusing expression which meant 'isko kya hua.. big deal'..
Sad.. I had liked the look of him.. but attitude ne kachra kar diya! Chivalry waigera expect karna chodo, mujhe apne turn pe bhi jane nahi de raha tha insaan!

In office canteens Ash(roomie) and me, were waiting at the counter for tea, and missy(sleeveless and high heels, nail paint bhi dang ka tha)appeared out of no where..Nudged us aside, and convincingly moved ahead of us.. and angrily handed over the tea token to the bhaiyaji..(isne kya bigade hain yaar). Bhaiyaji ofcrse not v happy, gave us our cups first(since we were there ages before our missy was), but missy swooped in the cups, before we could even bat an eyelid, and walked away tik tak with such pride.. bhaiya ji and we were left behind with disbelief expressions..
so well turned out, but such a failure on the manners..! Kaise kisi ladke ko impress karegi ladki..?

Again, our office canteen is always overflowing with people, and never do we get a place to sit..People wander about balancing plates loaded with food...looking for a place to sit.. They hover around tables where people are just scraping away the plates to the last morsel(yes the canteen food is pretty decent), so that, as soon at those guys are done, naya party will do a hallo bol on the table..But itna asaan bhi nahi hain bhaiyaa..
There are three special category of people who provide all the resistance when capturing a table
Humans designed to see only the people at the table and not the ones standing around them. They feel the need to continue their very critical discussions about girls, bikes, loans, or guys, nail paints and clothes, depending on the gender..even after they have completed their lunch and get up only when they have reached a satisfactory conclusion agreed by all.
Humans designed to 'reserve' places for friends/team mates, who are busy smoking / coding/ testing in their cubicles.. and yet to come to the canteen. But since their arrival is expected anytime, the reserve places would be in that state for any amount of time, which can even go up to an hour. Till this time, no other hovering person may dare to occupy the privileged seat.
Humans designed to make a unreserved seat as reserved at exactly the same time, when a hungry plate loaded person, is trying to settle into the 'then' unreserved seat. Women esp, throw in their lace handkerchiefs immediately, as soon as they see a happy face approaching the seat. Ofcrse no apologies are offered, in fact everybody goes on with their lunch, ignoring the happy turned sad face of the hover man!

I have travelled N number of times to Bombay from Pune and back..(I almost travel every month, and am in Pune from last 5 yrs, of which 2 yrs was in UK, so now
do the math.. :-) ). And all occasions I always travelled by Shivneri Volvo by the Maharashtra State Government. This bus satisfies all my criteria: starting at exact time always, reaching mumbai within less than 4 hours under normal traffic,
not playing loud music/TV(very very irritating!), providing a bottle of water and a newspaper and decent clean somfy seats. Considering the still increasing sky high pertol prices.. the bus tickets are obviously increasing..currently the ticket ranges between 350-380 depending on what day you are travelling..which is decent enough.. But as always, we have people who are first time travellers who always argue about the price of the ticket..and then demand bisleri water and 2 papers(this is the most ridiculous request I have ever heard.. all papers have the same news(crap) man!!, 2 paper ka kya achar dalega??)becuase of the high price. They make sure the bus stops at the bus stop more than the designated time, and argue and argue with the driver to reduce the price..demanding valid reasons for the increment(simple petrol price hike reason samjh nahi ata!!??)...
and then comes the most NOT awaited lecture of how the driver lootofies them!!?? Kuch bhi!!
After about 15 mins of undue attention, they finally oblige and take the ticket..!

Looking at such people, the first ques is, who the hell has forced you to climb the bus and shell out the money..??
second, where is the ques of looting anybody arises, when you urself have put you big foot in the bus using your own decision??
thirdly what right have you got, to shout at the top of your voice , lecture everybody else along with the driver on money matters which I am sure, is a topic least known to you!!
And lastly, moron stop wasting our time!!!

Buses and theatres have an affinity for people who NEVER keep their mobiles in the silent mode, have most amusing ring tones and who never pick thier phones,
until they have made sure everybody has noticed the ring tone and then talk at the loudest possible decibel allowed for the human ear about topic most embarassing to the people surrounding them!! Ghar ki bateen zor zor se, plus baki logon ka sukh chain lute.. is the funda of such heroes..
On most occassions, I am forced to leave aside the scene and am all ears on the ghareli problem, which our mobile guy/gal is facing.
Picture ke paise udda ke, agony aunt ke role mein gus jati huun!!
They feel that, since they are missing thier imp scene, so how can I allow others to watch it in peace!!So shuru ho jayo! Such selfish thinking..!!
Sadly they fail to reliase that by doing so, they are degrading themselves in front of some 100 odd people!!..Narrow mind thinking ki to hud ho gai??

The Human mind can be very selfish, and all the above cases justify this..
Why do people think, that if I am not related to some guy/gal, I can be inconsiderate of that person's presence around me, and behave as I wish..
Chalo behave karlo, but not that it causes pain/trouble for those around you. Why is apologising for such misconduct so so very difficult?
Sometimes, I feel are they even considerate of their family and friends as well? I really do hope that they are..but am doubtful if they can
actually change their core nature and show difference in behavior with different people.
These are no doubt, self obsessed, bloated ego species!! Special kind!
God forbid......All such encounters be minimal in my life
So that my BP is normal at all times!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Women and Washroom Etiquettes

"Cleanliness is next to godliness"!! Taught to us in school, and very conviently left back in school!!

I have always associated men with dirty washrooms. At home, dad, uncle and brother and now the BF, have always been pestered with my regular "pani dalo, bucket baro, saaf rakho" comments. And they being sensitive enough, make it a point to use the washrooms in a decent fashion when I am around.
Women, by nature(I thought!!) prefer clean washrooms. I am specifically very very finicky about spick and span washrooms. That is the reason, I avoid drinking water or any liquids while I am travelling as much as possible. This is reduce the possibility of using the public toilets to nil.. If at all the situation is beyond my control, I will always look out for the option of doing it in the open!!

Working in a software giant, has given me the luxury of airy washrooms, hand dryers and napkins.. Is what i always thought... haha nooo!!..After using these (clean?) big restrooms, I have realised that, gender has got absolutely NOTHING to do with clean rest rooms!!!! Alarming but true!!!
Most ladies (really?) in my office :
1. Dont flush the loo after use.
2. Dont clean the toilet area after use. And since we have english style WC, this is sort of umm hmm -> EXTREMELYYYY IMP!!!
3. Dispose of the tissues right on the floor, in spite of the beautifully wrapped plastic bag dustbin, which is always right in the way of the loo door, so really cant be missed u see!!??
4. Flush the sanitary napkins in the WC, in spite of the repeated instructions on the walls of the rest rooms. Those instructions only for the decor of the rest rooms ehh???
5. Don't put on the toilet lid, after use. Well how we love to shout on our man for this.. But lo! brothers, fathers BFs , husbands.. your girl is not doing that either :-P
6. Talk in the loos for hours, when people are queuing up outside with those despo expressions on their faces.
7. Fart loudly(yes very much, even the female gender does this!), assuming that the other adjoining three loos have sound proof doors. In fact they feel that THEIR loo has a sound proof door, so they can merrily make loud disgusting noises for their pleasure!!

Sadly, when men are not around, the true female avataar is shown to the other female janta in the washroom :-(((

The cleaning staff, poor ladies, often wonder, what kind of girls / women actually work here.. They even asked me once, that, is this a trend in the software industry. Shocked, and ashamed, I gave a 'Hell no' response and sympathised with the cleaning women.

Please girls /women, if at all someone comes across this blog, remember this has not been written to make you feel disgusted about yourselves and please forgive the sarcasm. The sole intention of this write up, is to remind us, that we are Ladies: Lovely AllurIng Efficient Soulful!! So please live upto this name, for yourself, and for the other Ls (cleaning staff and F colleagues). Please let the dirty washroom be synonyms only for the mard jhaat. It suits them so much more that us, isn't it?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Scotland Trip - Apr 29 – May 2 2011 - Day 1

This year, the royal wedding gave us mango people in UK, an extra holiday making the long weekend an even longer one! 4 good nice ‘sunny days’ were meant to be spent well. A lot of thoughts were put across.. Initially we(Ash, Bhuvana, CK, Teju and myself) thought of going to Gibraltar, but since we faced visa issues, we decided to join the All guys group of 9 people who were off on a road trip to the Highlands in the beautiful Scotland!!!

So let me first list down, all the people who were a part of this memorable trip!
Have split up this group in different categories, and some people may overlap between the groups, but yes there were eventually only 14 people!

The drivers (most imp, w/o whom the trip was fruitless)
Swaroop (the mother hen / Momma of the group)
Chaitanya (The Mr careful driver)
Qusai(The Mr FAST and the FURIOUS driver)
Rahul(The Mr Calm and Composed driver)

The photographers
Ajay (The official photographer – captured some beautiful scenic views of the highlands)
Teju(Who captured all the beautiful flowers in their beautiful colors)
Lalit Khatri (Who made the portfolios for the models below, plus all the above)

The models
Narotam (Where there is a Momma there is a Roshesh as well, alias Mr Hrithik)
Rakesh (Mr Saif)
Qusai (Mr SRK :-P )
Sandeep (Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger)
Satya (Mr Rajnikant, beats all the above!)

The Food gatherers
Ashvini (Pretty woman 1 :-P)
Jenny (Pretty woman 1 :-P)

The Senior associates
Bhuvana (SA 1)
Ashvini (SA 2)
Satya (New promoted 1)
Ajay (New promoted 2)

28 Apr 2011 Thursday Night 11 PM :National express from Victoria Station London, to Glasgow Scotland.

The trip was fun right from the start. We were to take the bus from London Victoria 11PM coach to Glasgow(Scotland) and then hire cars from there.
Even though nobody was looking forward to the bus journey, it did turn out to be fun :-)
Firstly, WE found Sandy's long lost brother at the Victoria bus station. Kumb ke mele mein bichde hue judwe..Everybody agreed that he was a 100%5 look alike of sandy .. but Sandy ne usse pehchanne se inkaar kar diya :-(
and later, after we settled down in the bus, Swaroop started messaging movie names to anybody and evrybody (from our group only) in the bus becuase he was bored!!! Still not sure .. why movie names??!!Eventually when he reliased, it is not working and people are not reciprocating in the same way(and now not sure what he was expecting people to reply back..what does one reply , if people message you movie names only :-P), he went off to sleep..But to the dismay of everybody else who could not manage to sleep at all, esp QC who sat right next to him, he slept all through out the journey uninterrupted.. Sab kuch bhej bhaj ke so gaya tha!!!

Anyways, the bus was on time and we finally reached Glasgow by 6:15 AM the next Morning.

29 Apr 2011 Friday: Glasgow
As decided the girls went off to Teju’s place (Teju stays in Glasgow and thank god for that!) to get fresh. Guys having no other options, got freshened up at the bus stand. And then later, since they didnot have anyting better to do, they posed for photos!! For the first time, Ash and I came across a group of boys, who posed and clicked and posed again for more photos than gals!
and mind you, none of the poses were like the simple, all in a straight line, straight face pose.. the poses were proper Model portfolio shoot types.. where in, looking direclty at the camera was a sin.. and one has to always focus on something far off.. and have that far away look on the face!! you know the correct face angle types!!GOD! Ash and I feel so much better about ourselves after watching these weird shoots!:-D Sorry guys ;-)
Well, while the guys clicked off photos, the food gatherers(Ash and me) picked up all sorts of khana ka chatapar patar items for the trip ahead..!

Clicks from the Bus stop:

The Side Poses:
Posing for shirt ad?? :-)

We have to look and point in some direction just like that! :-D why??

This is to full to Gladrags ka photoshoot out!!

The next stop was at the car hire. All of us were there by 9. 3 vauxhall cars were booked for 14 people. We(CK and the girls) picked up our car at Euro cars and joined the other 2 cars.

For the first 20 mins, Ash CK and I were trying to figure out, how the GPS works. It was a scary 20 mins, wherein we got lost, always took the incorrect diversions and always took the wrong turns. But it was a good experience. This was my first real hand experience of a GPS! Finally we were on the highway, after which the 3 of us finally relaxed and got to enjoy the scenery.

Loch Lomond
Our first destination was Loch Lomond. A Loch is the Scottish term for a lake. Loch Lomond is a fresh water lake .It is supposed to be one of Scotland's premier boating and watersports venues. But sadly, none of that was open on Friday, so instead we wandered about and ofcrse clicked a LOT of photos :-P
Few more snaps!

After a good breakfast of burgers and coffees at Lochmond, we then left for Fort William by around 12, where we were to halt for Lunch. I had carried by office laptop (since I had to work for few hours over the weekend), hence Ashvini decided to carry the Ipod connector so that we could charge our Ipods. This proved as a blessing in disguise.. The Ipod connector was used to play songs in our car.. and the irony was only our car has the ipod connector :-P This eventually made our car the most wanted car in the followings day.. since only our car had music :-) ..but more about this later ;-)

The distance between Loch Lomond and Fort William is 85 kms which took us an hour to reach. We enjoyed some breathtaking scenery.
Few more snapshots below!

Fort WilliamFort William is the largest town in the highlands of only being exceeded in size by the City of Inverness . It is supposed to be a major tourist centre with Glen Coe just to the south, Aonach Mòr to the north and Glenfinnan to the west, on the Road to the Isles(Dont ask me how i know all this, all courtesy wiki).

We reached Fort William by 2 in the afternoon. Even though everyone was famished, we dutifully followed Swaroop, as he led us, in the narrow lanes of Fort William to an Indian restaurant, where he had food once. Desi khane ke liye log kuch bhi karenge :-P
The Everest Indian Tandoori Restaurant was where we had lunch. It was right along the Loch Linnhe and had a beautiful view. The food was great, although the veggies had to suffer the torture of mushrooms, carrot and broccoli sabji.. they also claimed that the curry was good.
The staff was not very hospitable though, and they eventually proved that, by serving a very special cappuccino to QC :-P

Donan CastleBy around 4, we left Fort William, and headed for the Donan Castle. It is supposed to be the most photographed castle in Scotland and the castle is open to visitors during the day only. So even though it was closed when we reached(after 6),we made sure it is the most photgraphed ;-)
Few snaps from the OUTSIDE of the Donan castle!

Isle of SkyeFrom Donan Castle we headed for Isle of Skye, which was the last stop for the day. The passage to Skye is open via three entrances. The first is via the Mallaig ferry, the second is the Glenelg ferry and the third which joins the town of Kyle is the Skye bridge. We choose the Skye Bridge. Itis a road over Loch , connecting mainland with the Isle of Skye . (wiki again!)

The bridge ride was beautiful!!!!.. and everybody suddenly turned silent in the car.
A Crimson orange haze was cast over the horizon, with the crystal clear blue waters of the Loch below. It had lighted up the sky as if lit by fire. This breathtaking view of the Sun set left us all mersmeriesed, as we breathed in the last of this long long day! A perfect ending to the day!

Awesome beauty!!

10 miles after the brigde was our BnB The Sky Bridge - Broadford . CK, dropped the girls here, and we quickly checked in. The rooms were simple but very neat and tidy . We loved the concept of this BnB, where there were commons shower rooms, around 8-10 shower rooms, free wifi and a common free food fridge!!!! Although the next hotel was 9 miles from our BnB, we really weren’t short of food, thanks to all the free food!!! To Ash’s and Teju’s delight, there was a beautiful little black cat as well, which belonged to the owner..and her name was HAMISH.. After a dinner of Bread butter, cheese and jam, we finally got to sleep, after a long, tirining but an exciting day! Looking forward to the next day!

PS: The boys, we got to know the next day, played pool.. Supposedly on the only Pool table, a guy was playing awesomely well, and was winning literally all games.. But such is the charm of our Rakesh, that when this so called Mr Pool champ played with Rakesh, not a ball managed to make it to the hole!!

More on day2 coming soon..

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Great Fall

It was a Monday, so I was anyways not in a very good mood! And to add to that, I started the day by falling and tearing by brand new stockings from MnS!!

How did I fall? I was walking on the road, and just before ck's house's turn, i slipped and fell right on the road.. I slipped not becuase i was walking very fast, not because I was admiring the trees and the flowers, not becuase there was a smart guy around, of whom I couldnot take my eyes off!.. I fell becuase of my precious MnS shoes, which have literally no sole left.. The sole has eroded because of excessive use.. The fall has given me a very bad bruise on the right knee and the leg was bledding a lot right throughout the day.. which actually made me that i had diabetes! But still I am not at all upset on the shoes, or on myself for wearing such soleless(not souless:-P) shoes.. Becuase the shoes -> jaise bhi hain mera hain and have been gifted to me by a very special person ;-)

But I was certainly upset on the not so gentle man, who walked right past me.. even though he saw me fall, and didnot even bother to turn and see if I AM ALIVE OR DEAD.

I dunno what is with this British 'gentle' men. I mean, aren't british men supposed to be very gentlemanly!! Forget about being a gentle man, that was totally inhuman, to walk past a lady who is fallen down on the ground right in front of you!!!! Well, he got a lot of £$$&^ from me (I said that in my mind ofcrse)

I went to office anyways, since I had this big ctrl m issues and all blah blah!! But later on I reliased, that I was stupid! Since on tuesday, when i was leave due to this fever which i get whenevr i fall, My C's commetns were.. She took a leave for that scratch!!!!! Well, this comment has certainly rubbed off a lot of salt on my wounds.. But lesson learnt maam.. This comment is going to cost you big time..!! and you would surely see how! (Revenge time has started.. I am actually writitng this blog in the office hrs !! yayy yippeee!!)

Ok, as of now preparing to complete the blog on our awesomeeee scotland trip!!! BFN

PS: After a long time, had long long mail trail with Gomes.. felt so much nicer and better.. She yelled at me for not calling her and mailing her in almost all her emails :-P.. and that made me feel so nicer about myself.. that I mean so much to her!!

The Pink Slippers!

When we were in Vishakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh, we used to visit this famous UDA park beach many a times. Those used to be, one of my most looked forward moments.. and the main highlight of my weekends then. I loved the beaches..Amma, never liked the water so she used to stay back to watch our chappals..But Papa and me never used to lose a minute to remove those BATA slippers and rush to the oncoming waves to wet our feet..Papa like every other PAPA, used to only allow me to wet my ankles.. Every step ahead in the water, after that, would follow with 10 words of caution.. (Like.. u don’t know the sea.. it pulls you in..This is THE BAY OF BENGAL.. It is supposed to be a rough sea..ur a kid.. ur don’t understand.. And so on..) After all that, I would never dare to go ahead and wet my knees…On one of such weekend trips.. Amma could not accompany us.. so as we didn’t have anyone to look after our precious BATA slippers.. Papa and I decided to go ahead into the water with those on.. Papa had buckled shoes, so they could never come out on any case..I had my fav pink strap slippers on..
The moment I went into the water, the receding waves went back merrily, taking one of my pink slipper along with them.. Leaving me with a expression of shock and disbelief..
One thing to note here is , I was super possessive about my stuff.. I never even used to lose a eraser in school!! Amma tells me she used to throw them away eventually..(Ever seen a eraser getting over?? I have many a times )Seeing those pretty pink slipper vanishing in front of my eyes.. the easy tears came up..Papa, after one look at me, went after my pinky slipper and dived into the so called dangerous Bay of Bengal and came back after 10 frightful seconds, with the slipper in his hand and a sheepish but a victorious grin on his face..The man who never allowed me to even wet my knees.. Was drenched in salt water from head to toe just to get back that Pink slipper..!!I ran up to to him in the water wetting my knees finally :-), and he held me up high and gave me my beloved slipper..Eventually those slippers weared off and many Pink slippers came after that.. But even after 17 years since that day, never ever has anyone done such a HEROIC act for me..That incident always had a special memory in heart and mind..and unfortunately that memoryspace is going to be a “USED SPACE” for LIFE!Remebering you ALWAYS PAPA..Love you always!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Random Rantings of the frustated Mind!

Today the 25th feb 2011..
Got at 7 and for the first time didnot feel the need to sleep anymore!!! was ready by 7:50 and had enough time to eat breakfast and heat up the rotis for tiffin and for the first time in the mnths called up ck first :-) awesome start of the day!!

Have stopped feeling disappointed abt the metropolitan anymore.. and now am making a promise to not to loose my patience right at the start of the day becoz of this slow service of the metro.. Yuvraj and ck keep telling me they are working on it.. but tell me is there a deadline for this??

Reached office on time, to see my client sitting there at the her desk, just like yesterday night, when we left her to leave for the day.. i am not sure if she leaves that seat nytime..!!! and her same monotonous dressing sense makes me belive tht she really didnot leave the office!! well whtever.. its her life! but someday i do wish i wld reach before her.. and now i dunno wht do i wish tht, would it really make a diff and is it really worth a effort to get up early for this!!

well started the day by bashing everybody on the emails.. sent replies left right..and then fought with mr SD and my client.. nevertheless it was a fruitless discussion..what would anyone expect with SD and my client on the call..

worked very well through the day.. got weird looks from my client when i spoke to my mom for 30 mins.. well duno why waste all tht effort on those looks, when i am still going to call my mom and speak to her more 30 mins each day!!

later in the day, ash told me about her JPMC award.. which is a feat in itself.. kudos to her..shes a star..confession: tried a lot not to get those jealous or angry feelings.. really not sure which feeling precisely crept into my MIND.. ws unhappy not becoz she got the award.. but becoz i wish my client would recognise our (ck and mine) efforts in a similar fashion.. it would atleast some motivation to continue to work on this project!! nevertheless ash many congratulations!! so proud of you!!

well u wld think, client bashing is one of my part time fav.. then let me add a bit more to the above discussion.. when i mentioned to my client about ash's award with a smile.. she replied.. why did she get an award.. u work harder than her.. her award is justified?? and my expression turned to 'WTF!!' well u dont hv the skill set to appreciate the Robotic Humans around you.. but others do.. and well nobody has to justify anything to her atleast.. so now you would nt disagree with my bashing would you!! :-D

well..going forward..went off to gym.. did hard core 20 mins speed 10 tread mill.. and hated every min of the last 5 mins.. but hv to put myself thru this everyday just to GET BACK IN SHAPE..
But yes, i hv to say.. I mke myself walk towards 'my' office and 'my' desk every morning is only for this 20 mins of tension free GYM..(which saldy is going to be discotinued after 1 apr.. y ?? someother time)

Tried tried so much to leave on time..which is 7:30 (well this is my 'on time' time), but ofcrse My C(short form for client, since i am going to write a lot abt her) thought otherwise(a thought which she thinks every evening when ck and plan to leave for the day) and gave me a task..

after 10 mins, started blaming me AGAIN for all issues in XIBI.. and u knw wht Miss C, I DONT CARE!! for the first time in my life, i wish to return back to india.. why?? becuase i hate my work

Day 1 conclusion: I have ZERO motivation to do my work!! Sad but true..
PS: 30 min mummy discussion: tried to explain to her.. u cant make everybody like you..becoz as a friend had rightly said..'wht others think abt me is none of my business'
Gn :-D