Thursday, October 13, 2011

Women and Washroom Etiquettes

"Cleanliness is next to godliness"!! Taught to us in school, and very conviently left back in school!!

I have always associated men with dirty washrooms. At home, dad, uncle and brother and now the BF, have always been pestered with my regular "pani dalo, bucket baro, saaf rakho" comments. And they being sensitive enough, make it a point to use the washrooms in a decent fashion when I am around.
Women, by nature(I thought!!) prefer clean washrooms. I am specifically very very finicky about spick and span washrooms. That is the reason, I avoid drinking water or any liquids while I am travelling as much as possible. This is reduce the possibility of using the public toilets to nil.. If at all the situation is beyond my control, I will always look out for the option of doing it in the open!!

Working in a software giant, has given me the luxury of airy washrooms, hand dryers and napkins.. Is what i always thought... haha nooo!!..After using these (clean?) big restrooms, I have realised that, gender has got absolutely NOTHING to do with clean rest rooms!!!! Alarming but true!!!
Most ladies (really?) in my office :
1. Dont flush the loo after use.
2. Dont clean the toilet area after use. And since we have english style WC, this is sort of umm hmm -> EXTREMELYYYY IMP!!!
3. Dispose of the tissues right on the floor, in spite of the beautifully wrapped plastic bag dustbin, which is always right in the way of the loo door, so really cant be missed u see!!??
4. Flush the sanitary napkins in the WC, in spite of the repeated instructions on the walls of the rest rooms. Those instructions only for the decor of the rest rooms ehh???
5. Don't put on the toilet lid, after use. Well how we love to shout on our man for this.. But lo! brothers, fathers BFs , husbands.. your girl is not doing that either :-P
6. Talk in the loos for hours, when people are queuing up outside with those despo expressions on their faces.
7. Fart loudly(yes very much, even the female gender does this!), assuming that the other adjoining three loos have sound proof doors. In fact they feel that THEIR loo has a sound proof door, so they can merrily make loud disgusting noises for their pleasure!!

Sadly, when men are not around, the true female avataar is shown to the other female janta in the washroom :-(((

The cleaning staff, poor ladies, often wonder, what kind of girls / women actually work here.. They even asked me once, that, is this a trend in the software industry. Shocked, and ashamed, I gave a 'Hell no' response and sympathised with the cleaning women.

Please girls /women, if at all someone comes across this blog, remember this has not been written to make you feel disgusted about yourselves and please forgive the sarcasm. The sole intention of this write up, is to remind us, that we are Ladies: Lovely AllurIng Efficient Soulful!! So please live upto this name, for yourself, and for the other Ls (cleaning staff and F colleagues). Please let the dirty washroom be synonyms only for the mard jhaat. It suits them so much more that us, isn't it?