Friday, November 16, 2012

Time to Get Fit

Diwali is a weird festival. One month before the mighty festival announces its arrival, people go berserk! There is this extensive list of things to do which includes cleaning and scrubbing, buying the decorations and the diyas, shopping for presents and new clothes and the making of the faraal (diwali savories). The month vanishes in a jiffy and lo there is the Goddess Lakshmi in all her finery and grandeur.

This Diwali, I got up early morning (before sunrise), followed that with swift last minute pocha of the floors, the traditional oil massage, bath, and the diya lighting. Well breakfast is faraal during diwali :-), so that broke fast. A visit to the temple, and finally the rangoli drawn up outside the house. I don't burst crackers(haven't since 2000, i.e. after the Kargil war) so that plan just blew. So then really now what? How do people spend the Diwali time between 11PM to 5PM during diwalis? OK, you cook this lavish food, but not for 6 hours. I actually strained my brains hard, to remember what we did when we were kids? Well as far as I can remember, mum just sent us to play like every other holiday, have lunch by 1PM and then sleep till 4PM. Boring na, so I find it weird. Don't get me wrong, Diwali is my favorite festival but not because of the D Day but because of all the preparations and rituals which proceeds the festival. That's the exciting part!

Well, so never mind, I didn't play (since really that would look ridiculous, although I don't mind playing!) and there was not a lot to cook. So when nothing sujofies, we just dump ourselves into the nearest theatres and watch what they show. And that how I watched 'Jab tak hain Jaan'. Being this hardcore SRK fan, strange that this was the first time I actually saw his movie on the first day! Anyways, I loved the movie, and SRK in that stubble and uniform is crackling hot. And yes SRK involves in some not so serious lip locking(actually brushing) with his lady love (which is Katrina). This is the first time he has locked lips(after the debacle of Maya memsaab), but I really couldn't take it. Ash accompanied me to the movies, and how I bored her with 'how could he do that', 'is that how SRK actually kisses', 'Omigod, he actually kissed her'. I was heart broken, because yeps this is how much he means to me, but never mind. Yeh to kabhi na kabhi hona hi tha.

Coming back, the crackers were in full swing all over, but I was glad, that none in our building burst those ear drum shattering bombs. I really don't look forward to all that noise. It is the lighting and the diyas which catch my attention. After the nth round of the faraal eating again, we sat and watched the rockets swishing itself through the sky and sometimes through the windows on the top floors.

Well so, what does the topic actually have to do with all this mindless Diwali blabbering I just did. OK, here it is. I had a LOT (and I actually mean the LOT in the caps) of Diwali faraal. Diwali week is not for guilt, so I gorged on those delicious ghee laded savories bindass without worrying about the calories piling on. I mean common, you really cant care about that during Diwali can ya! But now the Diwali week is over, and so is the dream. Its time to get REAL and fit.

So here is the plan. I intend to run for 30 minutes daily for starters and then move on to the lethal combination of swimming and running after 2 weeks. Swimming is treacherous considering the cold mornings in Pune, but again the cold will help loose the fat faster! So this place is going to be bursting with all the details of how I am doing (don't worry, of course I would write some meaningful posts not like this as well). I am really doing this, so that you guys can keep a watch over me, and I live up to to these high claims that I keep making! So there, that explains the heading :-P

Well I have a call to attend now, so that's enough of the blabbering! Hopefully all you guys had had a fab of a Diwali and I am really looking forward to some awesome Diwali posts and stories :-)

PS: Apologies for Vanishing like that before Diwali.

Friday, November 9, 2012

A Diwali Wish

The glitter of the diyas, accents the splendor of the lanterns

The chatter around the house, surges the racket of the crackers

The ghee laded savory, appetites the already saturated stomachs

And the shimmering divine attires, sparkles the dazzling vivacious nights!

Wishing All a brilliance of a Diwali

A shimmering lighting trails to prosperity

Of beautiful good luck, fortune and sanctity

Of a paradise as a life, of only merriment and glee!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The time when we were wasted!

There was a time when we were totally wasted.
Dec 2010. Ash, Priya and I had 4 days off in London. We had no clue how we were supposed to spend those days. After a lot of ideas which were subsequently rejected, we decided on having a Christmas party. This party was supposed to be grand one with cake, vada pav, vodka and finest dresses.
The actual party turned out to be three something 20 year olds in their night wear and a simple chocolate cake.

Frustrated Ash, decided she is going to make the most of it, went off to ASDA and bought a bottle of vodka and wine. Now to make things clear, we drink RARELY, so the drinking was an adventure for us. It was after 10 in the night and all of us were still eating the cake. No bottles were opened yet. Finally to get some jaan into the 'party', I filled half of my tea cup with vodka and sat with it for 10 minutes. Ash pestered and pestered and I finally gulped down the vodka neat. Yeah bottoms up; half a cup; neat. Immediately Ash filled her cup with Vodka and gulped that neat. Priya looking at both of us, came and sat on the table. We knew she just needed a bit of persuasion and she would get going. Well we obliged and there she was gulping down half a cup of vodka in one shot!

Soon we were gulping down cups and cups of vodka, neat. Something was missing. That is when I called up CK, and demanded a pack of cigarettes. After the initial shock, he promptly came to our house with the Malbaro pack. Ofcourse he had to demonstrate the entire process, but once done we sent him packing. Aping him, I smoked for the first time in my life. The feeling was terrible and disgusting, but people let me tell you, I managed to get the dhua not from my mouth but from my nose! Ash and Priya exclaimed but looking at my disgusted expression refused to touch it. The chota adventure came to an end and the half smoked cigarette met its end under the tap(because it just wouldn't go off)!

After this unsuccessful attempt at smoking we went back to our vodka. It tasted better and back were our smiles. We ate more cake because someone told us eating sweet will bring in the nasha faster. Yes that is what we were looking for, to get drunk! Ash got out the lappy and played songs from Dabang. Priya and I started dancing. After that, when the vodka got over and when the wine was opened and finished and how many songs and what volume we played, none had a clue. The camera was on the whole time and it recorded all all dances and gibberish talks.

Finally after 2, we actually started swaying. We drank everything neat, bottoms up and mixed wine with vodka. The chadne wala part had triggered in. We all were very very aware that we were now very drunk. Totally drunk. Next thing we know is, we were calling up people! I called up CK at 2:30AM and started yelling at him and telling him to give me more attention. I know I yelled about this, but what were the exact words only CK knows :-P Mine was still better, considering Priya called up her mom in India to let her know that her daughter was drunk but it is fine to be drunk :-) Listening to her conversation Ash retrieved the device from her hand and hid it. Finally after 3AM we called it the night and decided to sleep. But was the night going to end just like that?

None of us were able to walk back to our bedrooms. Honestly it swayed, the room swayed BAD, just like they show in the movies. That happened. The washroom was 10 steps away from the bedroom, but I was holding the wall to reach the bathroom door. And we were so conscious that I was telling Ash, that "Look look Ash I am swaying, like in the movies. Look how drunk I am!!" As soon as I reached the washroom, the first thing I did was vomit. I stood up and when I saw down, Ash was there vomiting. She stood and I went down again. You are cringing reading this, but we felt soooo much better after the puking! Finally we crept back to our beds and slept. What Priya was doing all that time, NO CLUE!

The next day, exactly at 6AM, we all were up. Fresh as the dew. It is said, that jab 'utharthi hain' tab immediately neend khulti hain. The next minute we were around the lappy looking at the videos. and My what a shock we were in for. We were dancing with lewd movements, talking utter rubbish and were not at all SANE. What we felt that we were conscious, didn't look like anything in those videos. We looked terrible, danced cheaply and were totally drunk.

The entire day was spent in a sickening hangover. We just ate rice and were severely dehydrated! Its been 2 years since then, but we never drank again like that. Because the drinking was fun but the hangover?!? NO. I swear I don't think I would ever get so drunk, because I dread the hangover that much. The episode became quite a talk of the town with people demanding the pictures and the videos for proof. Let me state this clearly here-> If you want the pictures, we demand a royalty more than the pics for beti B. WELL YES, they are THAT totally X rated! If not, you just have to believe me ;-)

Ahh, the time when we were totally wasted!

PS: I have not been replying to any posts, comments, emails, phone calls, messages. There was this huge turmoil. I keep vanishing and come back with this excuse. But sadly, this is not an excuse. This post, because I wanted to write something different. Something fun!
Happy Navratri.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Blogger Gift

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to one and all. May Lord Ganesh bestow prosperity and good fortune to all his devotees. Loads of modaks with ghee and awesome pandals sightings everyone. Hopefully people are getting the Eco friendly idols of the Lord this year. These are not made of POP and dissolve faster.

I have been busy lately, so the pending posts, but I will get there and read them all, bear with me please.

This post has been long pending, so here it is. Ramya's hubby Param had visited Pune in July this year. And since its my birthday in July, Ramya, the warm hearted person that she is, sent me a birthday present! I consider her to be a pen friend, since we also interact over mails and phone calls apart from the blog, and how happy was I, when she told me about the surprise. I mean, someone I haven't seen, someone I know just know over the blog, sends me a present!! How super cool and thoughtful was that?

We meet her hubby over coffee. We (CK and I, going forward this is assumed, unless stated otherwise :-) ) were quite skeptical about what we would talk. We didn't know what Param looked like and what were his interests. Ramya had shot off some emails about how Param is and how I would have to do all the talking. Well Ramya, we spent about an hour in the cafe, and trust me, not once did I feel that I had to say something because the silence was killing us. And trust me again, when I say, we never realized how the hour passed. And if it wasn't for his flight, we would have continued to chat for an hour more! We talked about loads of stuff, but interestingly the most about you. Well blog friends, Ramya did interrupt the chat by checking into Param and messaging me, but that's OK I guess :-) It was a wonderful well spent evening and I wish you were there too.

And yes, now the gift then. Thank you dearest, this is such a lovely gift!

Ramya's Birthday present for me!
Also, I won 'Guess the movie from the poster' contest at Rahul Aggarwal's Blog and hence I get to put this awesome cup on my blog! Thank you Rahul :-)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Wife's Poem - Unknown Author

Hubby sent me an interesting forward and I really couldn't helping chuckling after reading it. Hope you enjoy this and take it in the right spirit! The author is unknown, but I am sure she (or he?) possesses an amazing sense of humour!

He didn't like the curry
         And he didn't like my cake.
He said my biscuits were too hard...
  Not like his mother use to make.
     I didn't prepare the coffee right
He didn't like the skew,
          I didn't mend his socks
       The way his mother used to do.
     I pondered for an answer
   I was looking for a clue.
Isn't there anything I could do
   To match his mother's shoe
      Then I smiled as I saw light
     One thing I could definitely do
             I turned around
             and slapped him tight...
           Like his mother used to!!!!!

Author unknown

Husbands, who insist that wife should treat him like his mother does, beware!

Friday, August 10, 2012

A Hairy Story

I have decent hair, thanks to my south Indian genes. Although Mum feels that the texture and thickness has gone down by 50%, I still feel I my mane is good enough, and thankfully don't have major problems. This gives me the chance to continuously experiment with my hair, so much that I never had the same hair style for than 4 months at a stretch. Of course I like the creepiest forms of hair dos, but the least manageable and slightly messy is my style. Considering this, don't act shocked if I say Preity Zinta's hairdo in Lakshya is my favorite. I totally admire her for using her hair to change her looks. She went from curly in Dil chata hain to poker straight in Kal ho Na ho, to messy and unruly in Lakshya to long luscious colored mane in Veer Zara to very short in Salaam Namaste. She has experimented a lot with her looks unlike the likes of Katrina or Kareena. I am not saying they have bad hair, no they have beautiful amazing hair, but I really would like to see them experiment more with their hair.



My hair texture is close to Kajol's hair, black jet and curly. And although I always yearned for the straight poker hair(you know, the grass is always green on the other side), I have finally started appreciating what I have.

I do take care of my hair, and have my specials way of doing it.
1. Since I hate unclean hair or dandruff hair, I always wash them after a sweaty workout. And because I exercise 3 times a week, I end up washing my hair 3 times a week(and sometimes 4)
2. I have experimented a lot with shampoos and have finally decided upon Dove. Worst experience and would never use: Garnier.
3. Something which a lot of people do, I never apply shampoo directly to my hair. I dilute it into a jug of water. This way I end up using a little bit of shampoo during each wash. This is important, because I wash my hair more than normal times in a week.
4. For oils I go for either Dabur amla, Castor Oil and Parachute coconut oil. My mom also prepares a special oil made of methi seeds and Hibiscus. Castor oil reduces baldness and maintains the thickness of the hair.
5. I always condition my hair, use a split end serum and go for frequent hair trims. This helps keep the hair soft, and improves the growth.
6. I have never colored my hair(and will not in future as well) and always towel dry my hair.
7. I also apply a mask of egg yolk, egg white, and few drops of lemon every weekend. Egg is an excellent conditioner and lemon helps keep the dandruff away.
8. Green tea is also supposed to be a good conditioner and aids hair growth. I tried it once, but the mixture became too watery to apply.
9. And finally a good diet. I try to include green leafy veggies in my diet and eat less oily or spicy foods.

All the above have helped my maintain my mane and have allowed me to keep experimenting with them. Apart from the nightmares where my hair turns purple like Tonks in Harry Potter or am going bald like Voldemort again in Harry Potter(yes I am into the Potter series nowadays!), my hair has given me hardly any trouble and has always behaved itself. It is a precious important aspect of beauty and I thank god to have blessed me with good hair.

Leaving you with some of my hair experiments(which is nothing but hair lengths) over the last 2 years and with few questions. How often do you experiment with your hair? Do you sometimes feel like cutting it off very short and sometimes growing them long?



TOTAL CURLS and SHOULDER Length and that's ASH with her poker straight with me. Contrast hair styles and texture.

To VERY SHORT. This is what I sport now.
Next plan:
Go long again!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Olympic Joys

I am deactivated from Facebook, so there has to be a medium where I can yell with joy oyy!

Saina gets the bronze. Oh lalala. And what irony, this same time last year, we were staying right next to the Wembley Arena, London. God, I actually used to jog around those fountains every morning. We have this feeling that, if we were still there, we would have invited Saina for a brunch with us, and yes she would have obliged! Well that's how grounded she is. To add to our woes, a colleague who stays in our building(in London), shared clips with her and couple of more friends actually made it to the match today! This makes us so jealous. Never mind, after the Sania vs China matches, it will be nice to see her shining on the podium with that bronze. She is clearly aiming the pinnacle on that podium and with each olympics she is getting closer. True Champion.

On the tennis front, Sunday is what we await, because it is Roger for you at the centre court Wimbledon grounds. And although he is playing against Murray, sadly the home crowd favorite will have to settle with the silver. Well unfortunate, but that's how it has to work. Fedex already has a gold in doubles, and we know await for the Golden career slam. Excited.

Giving us more joy is Serena, who is blasting off Maria. She already has got the first set for 6-0, and clearly running away with the second set. Oh how I love Williams, both of them and how I dont like Maria. Maria may have the 4 grand slams in her kitty, but her grunts and legs seems to popularize here more than those trophies. Well no problems there, but it is the game I like, and so it will be Serena who I adore :-) And as I write this here she is serving for the GOLD! How goosebumpy, Fedex and Williams have won the Wimbledon this year and now both of them playing for the gold and wait, the career gold slam! Something is surely golden in the grass this year! Touchwood.

Leander and the tennis folks made hell of cry as to who wants to partner whom. Well looks like all that tamasha was for nothing. Vishnu Vardhan, the 'not wanted' double partner, played hell better than Leander himself. Well next time, Vishnu should call the shots, as to whom he would like to partner. Actually Vishnu need not worry about that, considering by the next Olympics there won't be much to choose from!
Sania, well don't have much to say about her. The mixed doubles, well uhhmm lets see what happens there. Call me a sadist, but I don't wish for her to win. Reason: She is just too haughty for words. I have seen here play live in the Wimbledon three years back, and believe me guys, her first service was terrible, not worth mentioning here. Bored.

Boxing is what has caught our attention now. And finally I have begun to understand the game. Vijender is there. But so is Devendro Singh. How beautiful was he in that ring today, and the minute the third round was done he knew it. He is in the quarters! Hopeful.

And of course at last my favorite, athletics. There is so much to learn from Bolt. Watched the 100m Men's heats today, and how relaxed was he. Yes this is the Olympics and yes there is the pressure, but at the end of the day it is a 100m run. He danced his way to the start point. Did his jig, and went for the run. He won it, and did his customary 'head turn to see his opponent' at the finish line. That's how cool this guy is, tons of life fundas to learn there people. Love.

Finally, it is nice to have the feeling of looking forward to crucial matches with Indians in it. It makes the Olympics all the more memorable. 2 Bronze and a Silver already, its is becoming a fruitful event, the trend starting from Athens 8 years back! Now we await with bated breath for the time, when the Indian National Anthem plays again this year and we get back more gold back home. Till then we are glued to the sets. Proud Indian.

All images courtesy

PS: As I have decorated with this post with pictures, Serena has won her Gold after demolishing Sharapova.
PS2: Please do notice the Gold font of the post. This is my way of wishing our team Good luck :-)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Hello all,

I know I have been away, and away not just from writing posts but also from reading! I have so so many blogs to catch up and all those pending posts are just so very tempting! There was first my birthday and then there was a minor setback on the personal front. But got a very good news today. Things are still not fine, but are surely on the track to 'fine'. I am happy.

Meanwhile instead of pondering on what should be my next post (and not to forget all those un-published drafts sitting in my blog inbox), I am first going to lap up all those amazing pending posts. Because who said blogging was all about just writing!?! Until then please do be patient with me. I am soon going Bounce Right Back :-)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dancing Away to glory

Courtesy Google

I had started learning Bharatnatyam at the age of 6 when we were in Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. My earliest memory of the class was of donning an attire of green salwar kurta with an orange duppatta (the dress codes for first years) and heading off to the class every Saturday evening. My Guru lovingly greeted me with the song 'Kya khoob lagti ho, badi sundar dikhati ho' and being the passionate dancer she was, she taught us with great enthusiasm and vigor. I was flexible and had a sharp movements, is what she always proudly pointed out to my mother. 21 years later, when I heard those same remarks from the mother of my dance teacher today, it bought a glow to my face and reminded me of my childhood and the time in Vizaq(Vishakapatnam).

Dance had always come naturally to our family. Malamma (first aunt), Raisa(sister) and I have learnt the Bharatnatyam, and Kiniamma(second aunt) is proficient in Kathak. I had completed 4 years in Vizaq, after which we moved to Aurangabad, Maharashtra. My guru in Aurangabad seemed too professional and money minded to us. And hence, slowly the art drifted out from my curricular of activities. There was a tryst with  Kathak for 3 months, but that form of dance strangely didn't appeal much to me. Cut off from dance altogether, I then completed my engineering and got onto this band wagon called IT. Stuck onto it still, I realized for a long time, where is my life heading to? I went to office, came back, slept and went to office again the next day. I also flew off to UK for couple of years and came back, but well the only thing I still did was to earn my money and spend it.

A calling was missing.

I knew I wanted to pursue something in dance, but it really took a long long time for me to take that step again. Mum, thank you for relentlessly getting after me to look for a class in Pune.  Finally this year May, I went ahead and enrolled myself into a dance academy called Nritya Prerna(after a rigorous search and numerous phone calls), which suited my timings(7 PM own wards every Monday and Tuesday, which means the weekends were free) and my way of teaching this form of art (stripped of all the professional junk).

So now, every start of the week, I wrap my work by 6 and if I can't, I desert it and head off to paud road. I know I want this, because I never give excuses to myself to get out of the class ever, and I truly truly look forward to it. Now, the beginnings of the week are spent blissfully sweating away, banging the feet to a taal and learning this beautiful form of dance. The mind, the soul, the body, all unified are at a dignified peace while I am dancing. There is a strange sort of calmness around me when I am in the class, depicting a picture of a person so not me, to my guru and the other students. Students being 15 years my junior who monitor how I perform my addavs and the guru around my age whose feet I touch at the end of the class. Somewhere, somehow I have begun to believe that maybe finally I have found my calling? Until then, I am just satisfied dancing away to glory :-)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Miles to go before I grow?

Miles to go before I grow?

"28 in 10 days, but do I feel old?"
"Bah", shoots back the mirror, "you are youthful and bold"!

"Married I am now, and a flat I finally own,"
"Woopie", rejoices the mirror, "how brightly you have shone!"

"Wrinkles are creeping and some of the hair may have gone,"
Annoyed, sneers the mirror, "you cynic don't groan! "

"30 in 2 years, is what I am always told :-("
Exasperated, yells the mirror, "its just's a number, don't relinquish control :-|"

"Gosh, so much still to do, where did all those years go?"
Calmly, unravels the mirror, "in gathering those memories which we now so deeply hold."

"Al rite am grateful. I don't feel all that bitter and cold,"
Smiles, accepts the mirror, "me, your soul dear, will always be around."   

PS: I am trying to post a day until its my Birthday. I hope live up to this claim! Until then please bear with my trials.
PS2: I have not forgotten about the London series.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The yearn for Serenity

bon voyage

Stretching my arms, I ache to fly the inexhaustible azure above
To break free of the shackles constructed of guilt and remorse.

Glide across an expanse of greens, and the barriers called mountains.
To Breathe an air not contaminated with emotions of love or antipathy.

Shy the birds while they acquaint and make a tête-à-tête
To not fall in the allure of  this new shackle called companionship.

Surge past the eagles and zoom across to that desolate new pinnacle
To smile gratifyingly,  and the embrace the serenity finally!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The true definition of Traffic signals in Pune

Come school, and we were taught the meanings of the colors on the traffic signal. It was basic and simple.

Red : Stop
Green: Proceed
Amber: Prepare to stop
(Courtesy google) The School version
Come Pune, and you drive for 100 meters and then bam. It hits you. It hits you, how your parents were cheated out of their money by the schools. None of those bookish terms and traffic rules applied to the Punekars and this budding city. Because the city had made some of their own! Astonishingly everybody from the school kids, to professionals, to old kakas, to aunties and to the traffic police men are aware of these special rules, and abide by them no matter what. And if fate feels like it and you land up on the roads in Pune, don't be surprised with yourself. It would just be a matter of days, before you also start following the special rules, while the school rules are busy escaping your memory. Adaption; remember from science in school? At least, something they taught was right!

Well ok, so before I explain the rules, here are few characteristics.
They are tough to follow and it all comes down to Darwin's theory. The survival of the fittest.
They are accidentally dangerous and scary. But darr ke agge jeet hain
And most importantly they are dynamic, prone to change as per your vehicle position in the signal. But again isn't changing constant?

And now the rules! Check your vehicle position and apply wherever applicable please.

If you are on the front line and the signal has/is :
Just turned green: Try to ignore it first, and then get the kid out in you. Start and stop your vehicle, you know, just for fun!
Green with a timer of 60 seconds: Admire all the pretty girls' figures on their scooters and activas. (Of course you can't see their faces!! Duh, it is a crime to drive a 2 wheeler without a head and face scarf if you are a girl in Pune). Ensure the speed is nothing above 20kms/hr.
Green with a timer of 30 seconds: Continue the admiration, and keep the speed below 30kms/hr. Please practice the combo before the real test. Also don’t forget to catch the abuses of those behind you. Bask in them but act nonchalant.
Green with a timer of 10 seconds: Ok enough of goffeying up. Chuck the gals, accelerate the vehicles to a good 60kms/hr. Ensure your bikes and cars are well serviced, to make this hyperbole (or is it parabola?) acceleration from 20-30 to 60-70 kms/hr in 10 seconds.
Amber: Drive with full gusto and a speed of 80km/hr. Focus and dedication are of utmost important here. Applying the brakes on the sight of an oncoming vehicle from the opposite direction or on the sound of a police whistle is a sin and looked down upon.
Red: Keep up the speed of 80kms/hr till a vehicle almost hits you. Ensure you are well conversant with the tactics of twisting and gliding styles of bike riding. If in a car, maintain a ice cold stare on your face and act as if you are king of the world and you will glide through the mess(which by the way you just created).
(Courtesy google) The Pune Version
Now if you are behind 5-6 front line vehicles and the signal has/is:
Just turned green:  Practice your tabla skills on the horns. This is to ensure people know, you want to get out of the signal even if you have five to six vehicles ahead of you. And to ensure, even if everyone in front of you has noticed the green light, you want to pretend to be the only intelligent one who has.
Green with timer of 60 seconds:  Abuse to your heart's content at the vehicles ahead of you.
Green with timer of 30 seconds: Continue the abuse. Also increase your vocab by listening to the vehicles next to you, and put that to use immediately.
Green with timer of 10 seconds: Don't panic. You are destined to cross the signal and you will. Never lose hope.
Amber: Ok, you can lose hope now.
Red: Time is money. Start revising your abuses.

2 signals, one for right and one for straight and:
If you want to turn right: Ensure you place yourself on the leftmost lane of the road. As soon as the signal for Straight goes green, start your indicator for right and block the entire road. Guilt and remorse on the face will make you lose your brownie points.
Keep going right, because you know, indicator to diya tha maine!
If you want to go straight: Ensure you place yourself on the rightmost lane of the road. As soon as the signal for the right turn goes green, smirk blissfully and don’t budge an inch. All the cars behind you who want to turn right, will honk and cringe and abuse, and of course all that would be music to you. Because jo bhi ho, if I can’t go, the world can’t go!

Other rules which are not on a signal but apply to the road!
If you see a 2 wheeler woman driver, with her feet touching the ground from both the sides of the activa, that's allowed. Because her feet don’t reach the ground and Oh, she still wants to drive an activa. The entire journey has to be and will completed, with both foot firmly dragged along the road.

If you see a woman on an activa, who has just hit an indica from the behind, but is just pulling her bike back and driving away, then that's allowed. No matter who strikes whom, the woman cannot be at fault.

If you are taking a reverse which will just take 10 seconds, and you have couple of more cars patiently waiting for you to finish, 4-5 two wheelers will still trying to zoom past from the rear, making you also halt your backward journey, but then that's allowed. Two wheelers are always busy even though they would get home and just flop onto a huge sofa.

And lastly, if you see a two wheeler stop right on the middle of the road, because he has to take an important(?) call, that's allowed. Because doesn't matter if you jam right into him, he would prefer that, than to face the GF's enquiry commission.

So people, next time you hit the road in Pune, you know what to do and how not to react. Punekars are rigid. Any attempt to modify these rules will not be entertained. Because you Do What the Punekars do when in Pune. Till then, drive safe :-)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Guest Post: Hello Hello There…

Last week Ramya, who blogs at Chittrana wrote a post which had a collection of her poems. Almost all of them bowled me over, and that's when I knew, I wanted something like that on my page. Looking at her work, I feel she is underrated in terms of followers. She has a wonderful comic timing, but is also versatile enough to pull off a thriller or a serious issue. And on a personal level, although I never met her, I feel very connected to her, through her writing. A totally positive, spirited and a perky person, who better than her, to write the first guest post on Perky hours :-) So over to her now.

Hello Hello…
Jenny, I know her through her blogs and for sure I know you all will feel the same if I say that just by this acquaintance I feel very connected to her.  She is being my constant encouragement, now that she is ready to risk her reputation and to get me into limelight, I mean she asked me to do a guest post on her blog!!! Trust me, I was super nervous about her invitation. Please understand me I cannot risk ya! Perky Hours is so very pretty it has best readers and critics.
But then it’s dear Jenny who has given me this opportunity. So for her I started thinking and really thinking so as to come up with something really different from all of my blogs. I thought I will break out from nutshell and discuss about issues like effects of Pornography on children. But then as I started thinking I couldn’t stop laughing remembering the incident happened in my childhood when we hardly knew anything like this exists.
I was studying in class 7 and my sister dear Class 4. My sister one day told me she has a joke telling session and that she has no clue what to do. So I thought I should help her and find some jokes for her. I decided to go to my elderly cousin’s room as he had lot of books collected but hardly had he let us in his room anytime! So I planned well carefully sneaked in and picked a book which had “Jokes” in its title and rushed out of his room. I proudly asked my sister to take this and read out a joke from that.  That Friday, we both got into our respective classes. By afternoon an attendant came to my class and announced that Class 4 teacher wants to meet Ramya. I was super excited anticipating my appreciation but it turned out something like this…
As soon as I entered I saw my sister kneeling down and teacher full red eyed in anger…
Teacher: You gave this book to your sister
Me: Yes Mam jokes book
Me: Mam…
I still pity my father who had to apologize for no mistake of his and to get me and my sister back home after finish our punishment of kneeling down for an hour after school hrs!!!
And it was only then I realized there are books which are to be read only by adults!!!
This was in the past but yes on a serious note this is a really big concern. Today in the internet age Kids have access to every possible things and its getting increasingly difficult for Parents to educate their kids on these lines. Any knowledge when half known is really dangerous but then how and who has to educate children on topics like sex? Yes Schools have to ensure proper Sex education but I also strongly recommend Parents to be aware of how much knowledge to be shared with their kids at every age and to gradually educate them to understand that sex is not something to try out or something to laugh about but it is about law of nature and one has to learn more about the same when he\she is mature enough to make their own decision.
Its wisdom to know but it is enlightenment to understand it fully.
Ok Friends, I leave you all with this thought!
And thank you Jenny for having given this chance to interact with your blog sphere.

Friday, June 8, 2012

I feel : Thehree si, sehmi si hai zindagi, udne do...

London Paris New York, what is there not to like in this movie?
Ali Zafar, Aditi Rao Hydari, and locations, all so fairy!
Do listen to this soulful song, my dearies,
And fall in love all over again, heedlessly!

Thehree si, sehmi si hai zindagi, udne do
behti nadi se thodi si nami chun-ne do
khamoshi sun-ne do
khawabo ko bun-ne do
hatheliyon pe likhi dastan badalne do

maddham si madhoshi
dheemi si sargoshi
sun sako to suno dil ke taar
yoon hi milte raho bar baar
ho, kaisi seher hai ye kaisa asar hai bataa
bin jaane bin bole humko sabhi hai pata

thoda sa dard hai
saans bhi sard hai
par tera aashiyaan mil gaya
chahiye kya
ho ho ho ho ho o ho ho ho ho

simti simti saundhi si hai dopahar
bechainiyon me doobi si hai ye leher
chhaayi hai chashni par hai koi kami
kho sakoon jis jagah paaya hai tumhe wahan
ho ho ho ho..

baahon mein leke tumhe kuch na kuch bol dein
chaahat ki nadiyaa mein chaandi ka ras ghol dein
aao na sath do mujhko parwaz do
koi meethi si kaano mein aawaz do
ho ho ho ho ho..

Translated English version (Courtesy google)
the life is a little stuck, a little afraid, let (it) fly,
let (it) pick a little moisture from the flowing river,
let (me) listen to silence,
let (me) knit dreams,
let the story written on the palms change..

a slow intoxication,
a low whisper,
listen if you can, to the strings of the heart,
keep meeting me like that only..
how's this morning and how's this effect tell me,
that without knowing and without telling I know it all..

there is a little pain,
the breath is cold too,
but I have got your home,
what (else) is needed (now)..

afternoon is a little wound up, fragrant,
this wave is drowned in restlessness,
sweetness is all around, but there is something missing,
where I can lose myself, I have found you there..

let me tell you something taking you in the arms..
let me dissolve silver liquid in the river of love..
come, support me, give me flight..
call sweetly into my ears..

I am listening to this song all night and all day.
Ali Zafar; More crazy for his voice or for his looks, who can say?
*Dreamy eyed and more dreamy eyed*, so dont have anything more to convey.
Plugging the head sets of my ipod. Oh stop the 'poetic?' verses, you pray  :-)

Monday, May 28, 2012

My Prince Charming - Really?

Certain but Naive
With sunrise in the scene, springs my prince charming
All tall and exquisite, a smile so disarming.
The heart escapes the being, and leaps strides to the horizon
To resign itself to this thirst, so marvelously deluding!

Hopeful still
The prince never seems to be in reach; Exasperatingly
But does the gullible heart relinquishes? Oh not so early!
It frantically journeys, to this glimpse so promising
For the mirage of love ahead, is still flickering.

Distraught and strained
Days and nights; Months and years of wandering
The anxiety finally enters, after an infinite era of waiting.
The heart though overpowered, clings to love, a feeling
But resigns when grasps, the path so long to recovery.

Wise and pragmatic
Healed and learned, but at the horizon I am still staring
Through the windows, the allusion of him is still thriving.
But the conscious heart knows the nuances of this living
And gladly accepts this time, just the sun rising.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Its London Baby - First new Friend

By seeing London, I have seen as much of life as the world can show.
Samuel Johnson.

This is a travel series about my times in London. You can read the first part here.

Once outside London Heathrow, always opt for a non black cab. You can find local cab numbers on the net which are very reliable. My colleague had already booked one for us. The difference between the two is, while a local cab would cost you 25 pounds for a distance of 15 miles, a black cab would cost you 50-60 pounds. Although the company pays for the travel costs, there was no way a 50 pound taxi bill would be re embursed by HR.

For the first month, a guest house is provided in Wembley (north London) which is a 2 bedroom hall kitchen flat fully furnished and equipped flat for every associate. After a journey of 45 minutes we reached the guest house. Surprisingly I felt no jet lag, considering it was 1:30AM in India. I was just plain excited and upbeat.

Soham was my colleague, who I was too replace. He was a very skillful resource, and my client had high regards for him, so I knew I had very experienced shoes to fill. But I was looking forward to all the hard work, and Soham being my friend, I knew would help me a lot. He had come to receive me at the airport and took me safely to the guest house. He had even purchased a SIM card for me. Purchasing a SIM is very easy in London. You can simply go into any of the grocery stores and buy a prepaid SIM for the rates of 5,10,20 pounds. I always used a Lebara SIM, because India calling was very cheap. You can choose your SIM on the basis of the country you belong to.

Sudha: My first new friend in London

Sudha was the person with whom I was to share my guest. She was 4 years my senior and 2 designations higher, but one look at her, and you would feel she was just out of her college. Petite and extremely thin, she looked like a girl not too friendly, but she did greet me with a smile. Unlike most London roomies I have heard about, she didn't retreat to her room, but instead stayed with Soham and me, till the time he was there. Both of them had made arrangements for my dinner, which felt so good. It didn't feel lonely anymore.

Sudha, was there on a business visa, so she was leaving in a month's time. And although I had the luxury of 6-8 months to discover London, Sudha ensured I was only sight seeing and looking at places all over London on all four weekends that I shared the guest house with her.

The first month in London, with Sudha was fun, but more than fun, it was more of a learning experience. She taught me to cook chicken curry, using fried chicken from the Sam's takeaway(don't try it, very unhealthy place), and I really enjoyed the times spent with her while she cooked(which happened almost everyday, because I had this aversion to cooking then :-P). She was 28 and she was not married. And I judged her, but after I heard what she went through, I felt ashamed. Call me slick minded but I used to think that girls should get married at a certain age. At least I wanted too. But 4 weeks with her, changed my prehistoric notions. She had bought a house back in Pune, and was clear she was there only to replay the loan quicker and faster. Sudha is still my friend and we do meet sometimes. She is still not married and she still looks the same, but each time she meets me, she always think I am growing prettier :-)

More about the whirlwind 4 weeks and the places I visited in the next post. But for now leaving you with a decent pic of Sudha and me :-)

Sudha and me at the Slough station, waiting for the national express in the cold!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Love, Heartbreak but Freedom

I loved you; I never let go of you
You loved me, yet you had your own dues.
I clung to you; the parasite, which feed on you
You suffocated, asked for freedom from this servitude.
I, the sanguine, promised this would work, stayed resolute
You, the defeated continued to stay put.
I, relieved; in the fairy world I continued
You for my happiness, tagged alone no clue.
I, all along choose to ignore your woes
You, all along developed a hatred, deep root.

I realize too late, how wrong set were my views
For the naive and romantic me, only always knew.
How love was over caste, how love was over religion, how love was over the almighty above
How love was unconditional, a feeling too delicate, a feeling so painfully true.
I, 'now the selfish?', have steps to turn back to
To grant you the freedom, you endlessly pursued.
The path now for me, has been bedecked ahead
With traces of wilderness and abundance of solitude.
The heart takes a beat as it dejectedly concludes
But the conscience is what sighs and is finally rescued.

PS: I wrote the poem at 2 last night and posted it. Today morning, I felt how silly it was, and it was just the lack of sleep and a mind filled with unnerving thoughts which bought out those words, so I deleted it. Thank you Saru, because you felt it was worth posting, so now I repost it.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

And we call ourselves educated?

Imagine you are a single woman. Now imagine that you have just got promoted. You would be ecstatic and overjoyed, isn't it? Proud and happy, you would accept the wishes from your colleagues and chums. Throw parties for your buddies. Get ready to walk into the new role you have been offered. And then, just like that, out of the blue, silly and cynical trash will be gathered and thrown right at your face. The trash would be so filthy and nasty, that it would take you some time to think about the source of it, and how people would be so gross to stoop to those levels.

A very close friend of mine got promoted and became a manager. When I shared this news with a friend, instead of being happy for her, he acted shocked and bombarded me with silly inane questions. He rambled on for 10 minutes, telling me how in the world would she never find a guy now? Doesn't she realize all the managers are already married, have kids or are going to be married! What, is she going to marry a fresher now and support him. Her parents must be so worried. Its time she stops concentrating on her work, and look for suitable guys now. And when she does, she better set aside the salary criteria along with the age criteria too. God, promoted again!

Too shocked to respond to it, I simply changed the topic and talked about other things. Thankfully he stopped his babble and choose to answer my questions. After exactly 1 minute I disconnected the phone. But his words still stung. The whole day I kept my thoughts and anger bottled up, but vented out as soon as I saw hubby dearest. The friend was close to both of us, and his regressive attitude towards single women shocked us. He himself had got promoted today. Would he have taken such negative comments in the same light as he made them for an other person. How easy it is to judge and talk and insult. He has more years of experience than my close friend, and by that, he had ought to be more practical and SENSIBLE. In spite of living in a city like Pune, where people boast of being modern and forward, in spite of holding an engineering degree and in-spite of working in a MNC which gives you a chance to travel abroad and see the world, he choose to take the small route and comment in such a unsettling way about her.

We still don't know if he meant well for her, that she settles down soon, or was he being just plain spiteful? But whatever it was, it didn't go down well with me. Hubby tried to pacify me, but I was not to be. The only regret I didn't stop him when I should have.

We call ourselves forward and educated, but we as a country are still not prepared for single successful women. Such deep rooted prehistoric notions will take ages to get uprooted. And until then times are indeed difficult for the single girls out there. These comments are going to be lashed onto them time and again.

My advice to you girls out there: Ignorance is bliss. You go girl.
My advise to the scornful 'educated' lot out there: Grapes are sour empty head. Appreciate what you can, else mind your damn own silly business.

PS: I got promoted too, but was saved the brunt. Ask me why? Because I seemed to have the 'multi action power' of the gold thread with the scared black beads!! Bah, how cheeky are we! Grow up guys!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Its London Baby - The First Travel

I wanted to write about my times in London for a long time, and wanted to make this a series. Connie who blogs at bhulbhulaiyan has traveled the world and how and has all travel encounters on her blog. So when she asked to write a guest post for her, I thought, what better way to start this series! Thank you Connie. So here it is, my first guest post and the first part of this series.
Its London Baby: The first Travel

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Why did we grow up?

I lost my nani last Sunday. She was suffering for quite sometime and we knew she wanted the end. She passed away in her sleep. It was a turbulent time for the family on Sunday and Monday, but in the end we were grateful that it didn't prolong for long and it was painless. I was in Pune when I heard the news. Although we all were somewhere prepared, the shock and the grief struck us hard when it happened for real. The family came together, mourned for her death, performed the last rites, prayed for her, and then tried to move along. The atmosphere at home was not mournful but was strangely peaceful. No one wanted to be grief stricken more. It sounds selfish, but believe me, each one of us tried to put happier thoughts to reduce the pain. We talked about how the lost members of the family were talking about us from the heaven above. Oddly that made us happy. The thought that we were still a family even when up above gave us some consolation.

But my thoughts did a double take when I came back to Pune from Mumbai Tuesday night. And that has troubled me a lot.
'Ajji' is gone, and with her, I have lost one more member of my family. Is my immediate family reducing? This thought scares me to no end. I know a new member has been added(my husband), and along with him, comes his own family. In future when I have a child, I will be adding more to the count. But what about my old ones? I have lost them forever. I know the times in future and the new members, would give me happiness and pleasure. They would give me a ray of hope to live and look forward to each day. But today, the only thing I want to do is swap my future life with my past. My past, which was secure and cocooned in my parent's house. A past which had everybody, who originally made up the definition of 'family' for me. I wish somehow time would have stopped then and we would all be transfered into a photo frame. We all of the same age, living the same life, and continuing forever like that. As much as monotonous it sounds to you, it sounds like heaven to me. I am there, happy and gay, holding onto everybody who is not here today with me.
I wish that would happen. I wish I would never grow old. I wish time had stood still then. Why, why did we grow old?

This is a hard retrospection of how death can change your thoughts. I feel one should just learn to live independently no matter what. I have made a mind set to achieve that.

Monday, April 16, 2012

IF the world comes to an end in Dec 2012?

The rumor about the end of the world is travelling places at a fast pace after the recent earth quakes around the world. The frequency of those quakes are increasing at an alarming rate. And the heart goes out to those who are physically present in the calamity.

But even in the times of such distress, the mind does a topsy turvy, and fills itself with somewhat different thoughts.


Yeah! So we all know, the money which we have accumulated all along, is not coming up with us. Its ending right here with everything else. So really instead of all that money just burning away in a volcanic eruption or flowing away with the Tsunamis, shouldn't we be putting it to better use? Or best, shouldn't we be just spending like uh mm 'ALL OF IT'?
Wide eyed, dreamy like, it makes me think about all those things I want to do before it ends! Those things which I could only dream about; Those things which makes life so fairy tale like; And Those things which will clearly elaborate the phrase 'Living life the Kingsize'!!!

Here are the 10 random things, which I would do, if the world was to come to an end by Dec 2012.
10 super duper list, which I am sure, would be a part of every body's wish list :-)

I would love to

1. Spend some of my money on a world tour.

Greece, Italy, New York will be graced by my presence in the summers. Australia, South Africa, and India will have to wait till the end of the year :-) . If you want to hop along with me, better start following this page and fast :-P. I am taking all my followers with me. And yes, I did pay my taxes up til now, so don't start judging my bank account stats :-)

2. Spend some'more' of my money on clothes and shoes.

Which should ideally have been a part of my wardrobe years back :-| . But never mind. The new ones will effectively be displayed on my new fashion blog, which would obviously have some 1000 followers :-P

3. Visit spas everyday till the 'end'.

Preferred products: 'Body shop' only. I would soak myself in warm essential oils, get a deep tissue massage and be later wrapped in hot linens or mud wraps. Ahh Bliss! You can catch the glowing skin and hair on the same fashion blog, which I had claimed to start in the point number 2 :-P

4. Credit card abUSE

I would apply for 7 credit cards starting from April and would abuse them totally only in the month of November (There is no Dec to pay off the bills :-)) on exotic food only. Exotic food, includes any food, which is high in fat content and low in protein content. Crips, pastries, muffins, chicken, chocolates, All different cuisines. You get the point right?

5. Stay in the Taj Lake Palace at Udaipur.

The "Royal Butlers" working in the hotel, who are descendants of the original palace retainers would be at my constant beck and call. And do I need to add this? OK! How about My morning cuppa of tea at the Lily pond(in the picture above) for a week?? tch tch

6. Stop dieting and exercising.

No further explanation. Period.

7. Stop paying the emi on the house loan and car loan!! Stop paying TAXES!! Whoosh!

Take away the house, the car. Hell I don't care, I would go and live in the Taj :-)

8. Stop paying premium on the Life insurance!!!!

God, this should have been the first one isn't it?
Really, isn't this intriguing, every person in the software industry has a Life insurance. Not surprised. Considering the the life styles we have, not many of us have hopes to survive beyond the eternal 50. But imagine the amount of premium everyone is putting into it and now if the world ceases to exist beyond 2012, how much of it has gone into the dumps! Gosh!

9. Big Birthday Bash

I would celebrate my birthday with pomp and pride. Invite all my near and dear ones, and force them to gorge on the awesomely delicious chocolate cake till their stomachs ache. Tell how much I love them and how lucky I am to have them in my life!!

10. And in the end a silent Thank you.

Offer a silent prayer in gratitude to the almighty above, to have put me on this beautiful little green planet called Earth, and then remorse, to have been such an irresponsible living being who has bought the same planet to this pitiful condition.

There it is! So, while this post is coming to an end, I am sure similar thoughts have crept into your minds and you have started making your wish list too! So go on, tell me, what's on your list, IF the world comes to an end in Dec 2012? Till then, stay safe and be happy!

PS: If you ask me, what if the world doesn't end, and you end up with no money?

Who cares? All I care is I got to live my life like my dream. On a more sensible note, I would hit myself on the head, would quit dreaming and get back to work, before manager starts questioning 'my time' in the office!