Friday, January 27, 2012

Aura 90's!

The 90s was the silver era (golden being the 70s) for Bollywood. It didn't have the A+ grade acting and the soulful music of the 70s, but was way above the recycled scripts and the scary makeup/hairdo and dance numbers of the 80s. Hindi cinema went global, and movies were made with top notch scripts with superbly talented actors. The era was a ripe mango oozing out real talent, instead of the mindless scripts with big budgets, star son-daughter launches and mind blogging promotional activities of the 2000s.

The 90s gave us the Khans, Kumars, Devgans and the Govindas, the Madhuris, Kajols, Karishmas, Tabus and the Raveenas. And to think of it, these people still hover around at the top of my favorite list and not just mine, even after 15 years of being around in this business!

Item songs by top actresses was a hit in the 90s as well. The only difference was, they did those songs in THEIR movies only. When in school, if any of these songs came out on the TV(of course not on MTV, we didn't watch that then!) while watching with the family, we used to avert our eyes from the TV set, even though we yearned to watch these songs!  Times have changed now and how. The kids today unabashedly sings songs with raunchy lyrics and watch them on TV with ease and certainly no guilt!
I watch them now too duhhuhh(!!) But today, I want to relive the 90s and actually make a list of items songs which rocked the nation in the 90s!

1. Tip Tip Barsa Pani (Mohra 1994)
Category : Barn; Rain
This song is on the list because:
a. It was a rain song and so Raveena was hot and wet!.
b. She was in an awesome yellow sari which made her complexion creamier, and was an Indian curvy and sexy.
c. She had an intelligent designer who made a blouse with fluffy loose sleeves with the correct amount of cleavage.
Personal touch : 
I still love the beats of the songs, and is one of the most played songs on my i-pod!
What doesn't make sense: 
Why is the hero always brain dead? The message is personally passed on by the hot chick who hits on him, and he doesn't figure the jaal set out for him? 
Ans - Plain simple, banda wanted to be ethical.
Why does he act aloof and not aroused, until it is the time for the male lyrcis to begin?
Ans - Am yet to figure out this one!

2. Dhak Dhak Karne Laga (Beta 1992)
Category: Barn only
This song is on the list because:
a. It had Madhuri!! Kya tum log bhi, reason chahiye!
b. Again Madhuri wore an Indian attire and a chorme yellow!! Hello Yellow, apki to nikal padi!
c. Saroj Khan's choreography raised the bar for the songs to follow and Madhuri's moves became the ultimate turn on for men.
Personal Touch: 
Although I loved the ghagra, I wish the designer had put in more thought into the blouse sleeves.
What doesn't make sense:
Why does the guy's imagination, only has the babe just dancing and clinging to him, he ought to do more?
Ans - Its a guy imagination, what do I know!!!

3. Kaate nahi kat te (Mr India 1987)
Category: Barn, Rain
This song is on the list because:
a. It is a part of the 80's, but I saw it in the 90s
b. It had Sri dancing to the gyrating beats in a sari, first in a tufaan and then in a baarish.
c. It had the ultimate mix of Awesome Sri's red hot lipstick, lips and tongue.
d. All props, such as the dry leaves of the barn and Anil Kapoor were adequately utilised!
Personal touch: 
This song became a part of our Antakshari games's lives. We sang everything and convinetly left out the 'I love you, love you, love you' part..(because we felt shy tee hee )
What doesn't make sense?
Why doesn't the invisible guy, forget about keeping his identity a secret and give into his feelings and do it with the girl, when she is dancing like that?
Ans -  Haha, bandi reporter thi yaar! Paper mein khud ke hawas wale photos dekh kar, Mogambo khush nahi hota!

4. Jati huun Mein (Karan Arjun 1995)
Category: Barn
This song is on the list because:
a. I love Kajol, her hair and her eyes!
b. Even though I could not make sense of her outfit, her bare back was just enough bareeee!
c. It had SRK draw figures on this back, and trace it up to her lips, smooth!
d. Choreography which included horses(not in a bad way please!)
Personal touch: 
SRK's costume and hair is so out of place!
What doesn't make sense?
Why doesn't the girl leave, when the whole time the only things she sings is, 'jaati huun mein!'
Ans - Girls, you know, they say something, mean something..!

5. Sexy Sexy Mujhe log bole ( Khuddar 1994)
Category: Disco item
Please try and ignore Govinda from the below image. Couldn't find a better image than this!
This song is on the list because:
a. The name of the song is 'sexy sexy', raunchy lyrics!
b. The song created an uproar, and was later changed to baby Baby.
c. Karishma looked an item in the itsy bitsy red dress, with toned legs then!
d. Alisha Chinoy voice!
Personal touch: 
This is only movie of Govinda which I watched in a move theater! 
What doesn't make sense?
Why is the choreography more like a workout video than an item song?
Ans - ??????

6. Hai rama yeh Kya hua ( Rangeela 1995)
Category: Desert!
This song is on the list because:
a. This song had more oomph than any of the songs from that era.
b. Urmila raw sex appeal and body in the hot desert at night, changed the definition of sexy.
c. All her ghagra cholis were outstanding.
d. Rehman's debut Hindi film with an original score, as the previous ones were dubbed from his Tamil scores and hariharan's voice.. awww!
Personal touch: 
I couldn't get myself to watch this song for a long long time. I finally did watch it after the completion of my BE, and yep, it was definitely worth the wait!
What does make sense?
What the hell was Jackie Shroff doing in that song?
Ans - was Jackie you were looking at in this song!?!!?

7. Jo haal dil ka ( Sarfarosh 1999)
Category: Waterfall and rains
This song is on the list because:
a. Sonali's was the prettiest girl around at that time. Great body and legs!
b. The chemistry between Aamir and Sonali was soooo....yum 
c. The color coordinated outfits of both of them, along with the fog added extra point for this song.
d. Lyrics in perfect tandem with the visuals.
Personal touch : 
I liked the fact Sonali looked taller to Aamir in the entire film and Aamir made no attempt to hide that!
What doesn't make sense?
Bday party ke bich mein, hot rain dance dream sequence?
Ans - It was his bday man, give him a break!

8 . Jiya Jale ( Dile se 1997)
Category: The back waters of Kerala ohhh
This song is on the list because:
a. The songs starts of in a innocent mehndi ritual but slowly progress into a sensuous and an intense dance sequence.
b. The costumes of both Preity and SRK were bang on! It exposed the right portions in the right quantity.
c. The song included the green and serene back waters, the house boats, the elephants, all the jewels of Kerala.
c. The music of Rehman, with the apt tabla beats and the voice of Lata Mangeshkar made it complete.
Personal Touch:
I loved this movie, because just like this song, the entire movie was intense, and it was by far Preity bestest performances.
What doesn't make sense?
North se south ka transition in the song?
Ans - Told you, Hindi movie went global, so why not 'go global' in India first?

9. Yeh hassen vadiya (Roja 1992)
Category: Kashmir

Had to include 2 pics for this song!
This song is in this list because:
a. It was a honeymoon song in Kashmir!
b. It had smoking hot cinematography.
c. Amongst the snow laden mountains, in the houseboat, around the fire with the Kashmiri women dancing around, the budding romance of the couple was put across.
d. AR Rehman's magic again!
Personal touch: 
Arvind Swamy is the only man I love with a moustache!
What doesn't make sense?
Everything makes sense in the song for me!So please!

10. Do dil Mil rahe hain (Pardes1997)
Category: Fatehpur Sikri in Agra
This song is in this list because:
a. It captured the shy and innocents moments shared between the couple before the wedding and after the engagement.
b. Although the entire song had almost the entire cast, the music between the mukhdas had Mahima and Apoorva danced their erotica moment with each other.
c. Kumar Sanu soulful voice with amazing guitar chords.
Personal touch: 
Mahima's fuller figure showed out the best in this song only! Apoorva overshadowed SRK totally in this movie!
What doesn't make sense?
Did Apoorva sport a Sadna cut in the movie?
Well he did, only he intended to copyright it to the 'Apoorva'!!
Well so finally I am done(or am I?).. Well all along while I was writing the post, I could not help notice, most of the sizzling songs had our women wear an Indian attire and had a curvier body. So NOW,  I kind of wonder,  why do the actresses in the 2000's always want why to be a size zero and ALWAYS want to get into a Bikini for an sexy item!!! No wonder a fuller Vidya Balan in A dirty picture was such a breather!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Legging story

I detest wearing something which is skin tight and stretchy (except the swim suit of course tch tch)..
So even after everybody in the office and surroundings started to wear the leggings for quite sometime.. I was not even sure, if I wanted to try one on in the changing rooms!!
I wear a lot of knee length kurtis and chudidaars as formals from Monday to Thursday to office, so eventually I had to try the stretchy stuff, when I could not find a dark blue color chudidaar.. I eventually bought one from 'W', but the medium size, although I knew I could fit into the small size ones (yeps me thin girl now), so that its not very very stretchy.. and guess what..I don't hate those so much now.. In fact I feel so comfortable in them (the medium size , not the small one), that I am now the proud owner of not 1, not 2, but 4 leggings!!! Now.. the next thing to try on are Jeggings.. and don't worry I will be there by the next 6-7 months.. :-))

OK, but this is not what I actually intended to blog about. Couple of months back, I was having tea in the office canteen with three guys.. So of course, when you are with guys, the only thing you can do is check out all the girls, which they are checking out.. and when men check out girls, they not just check out the hot girls .. The not so hot, over weight girls, also seem to be their favourite topic..

Well of course, they are not happy about the extra kilos..but what really is the point of discussion is: the ill fitting tight clothes which these women wear, even when the body does not permit them..
So there was one such lady, who was tall, but certainly was an extra 15-20 kilos, had flabby calves and thighs..And how do I know about all that flab?? because of what was she wearing!!

She wore a white Kurti which had a side slit which ran up to her waist..and red leggings which was definitely the small size.. A size which I know, would have taken her, atleast 15-20 minutes to push herself into it..

Flab was inching out all over her thighs and calves and the waist high slit was not helping covering that up..
She became the point of discussion for all the three guys..and I could not help agreeing to what they discussed! She looked vulgar and cheap.. fat and very unattractive. The Kurti was a lovely white one, but the extra tight leggings took it all away!!!

There are no issues with women being over weight. Because excessive eating is not the only reason, why women are fat.
It could be heredity, it could be the PCOS problem,(Poly cystic ovary syndrome), it could be because they are on contraceptives..something which the guys would never know, or understand...But Important is to dress decently, and not blindly ape everything which is 'in fashion'. A very big problem, which most women have is to wear ill fitting 'Tight' clothes.. Wearing 'tight' clothes or fitting into a size 12 shirt or a size 30/32 jeans is not what we should want. In fact, wearing tight clothes, makes you look even fatter, showing the flab on the back ,thighs ,calves and stomach..Instead of this, if we wear a 14 size kurti and a 34 waist jeans, wont we look so much more decenter and smart!!
I felt pity for the girl in the white kurti and red leggings..But I really wished she would have looked into the mirror before she had stepped out..Or at least ask for an opinion from a friend, hoping this friend would be a honest one, and tell the truth!! Unfortunately, she became the source of amusement for my three guy friends over tea, and worse is, she did not even know! :-((

PS: I don't wish to write about what happened, and whats going on last month..Hopefully, I will have a lot of other things to talk about here!!
This was one of them..

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Not about a new year!!

I always thought I had seen the worst in my life.. ha..but I was so very wrong..I am so not in the correct frame of mind to write anything... I was so not in the correct frame of mind from the last few weeks......

Life is strange.. my once favorite month now seems to terrorize me(started in 2008)...Funny..Its as if god awaits for the last month of the year and then shoots off the missile from the heaven above, right into my life, with perfect precision each time..

And now I feel, why do I keep blaming god for most of things in my life..?? Correction, most bad things!!!

Diverting..!!! before I ramble anything anymore, here is why I wrote this post..
A very close friend has literally taken thoughts from my mind and has put in on paper here Here.. I could never express myself better than what he has...

Love you nik for this.. I dire to be the moon here!!!

Happy new Year to everyone.. and as always I will look forward to all the months ( including dec) in the new year.. Hope is still alive..!