Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy birthday Ma and An Award!

The last week has been quite an eventful one. It was my mom's birthday on the 21st of this month, so everyone please wish her. She is a doll.

Met up with all my UK friends in Pune. Everyone is now in India, and of course after 27(age I mean), they all come with a package, i.e. most of them with their spouses :-)

Then came the Gudi padwa and Ugadi. So best wishes to everyone. Festivals are always such happy occasions.

And then (how many times, do I use 'then'?) the icing on the cake; I got my first award!

Thank you so much Neha ! This is indeed very motivating.

So the rules for this award are

1. Add a picture of the award on your post.
2. Thank the award giver.
3. Share 7 random facts about you.
4. Choose 15 other bloggers to pass the award to and let them know that they have been nominated.

So 7 random facts about me:

1. I am crazy about SRK and Roger Federer. If I could, I would marry them, yes both of them :-P

2. I dream about eating chocolates, pastries and butter chicken everyday, of course in a 28 waist size jeans :-)

3. I love to travel, and visit new places. Trains are my most favorite, and buses are the least favorite. Hill stations and beaches, I could live there. 

4. I love to read books, especially suspense thrillers. Books are my greatest stress busters. I still read the Enid Bylton books. It makes me feel closer to my childhood and happier times. Also, I can read the same book multiple times.

5. I am very short tempered, but I cool off even faster!

6. I am crazy about tea. My day will always be incomplete without a cup of tea. And Yes I would never refuse, if you offer me a cup of tea anytime of the day(and night :-P). 

7. I just adore swimming and running!


And now I would love to give this award to:

I adore your blogs guys :-)

Lots of love!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Catchy Banner!

On the ocassion of :
Sachin's 100th 100
Roger Federer's Beautiful Indiana Wells win (and the semis win against Nadal)
And India empthatic win over Pak, after the huge run chase, in the Asia cup

presenting to you a photo of us(Ash and me) from the IPL 2010, feautred in the Hindustan times!

The girl in Mumbai indians t shirt, whose hand is covering her face is me (3rd photo). Check out the banner guys. Lalit Modi was quite a catch then, and it was a sure shot way to come on the TV(it was a blink and a miss coverage). The click in the newspapers was the icing on the cake :-)))))

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Women Myths or Facts?

'A myth is an unproved or false collective belief that is used to justify a social institution.'

Please find below some of these 'sometimes true' but otherwise 'false collective beliefs', associated with women, busted out for you :-)

Driving Myths
1. We look into the rear view mirrors of our cars, to look before changing lanes and not to admire oneself whilst driving.
2. We know the rates of petrol and diesel and most importantly know what goes into the ones we drive :-)
3. We don't need the 'Women drivers' moron stares, if the car suddenly stops, just when the lights turn green. It happens to everybody irrespective of the gender.
4. We don't need the unnecessary horns, when you have figured out the driver of the car ahead of you is a lady.
5. Just like you, we don't directions. Applies for both driving and cooking.
Shopping Myths
1. We cannot help it, if you just walk into a store, pick up a shirt and walk back home.
'Look men shop in 5 mins', doesn't make sense, if you crib later 'I look like a pig in that color' or 'I can't button it over my stomach, what's wrong with the sizes of these Lee shirts!'
2. We need the new shoes and the clothes, if you need the I-phone, Samsung S2 Galaxy and HTC, and still eye the Nokia Lumina. The reasons are the same ->'Both don't know why?'
3. 'Patience is virtue' works both ways, for you at the 'shopping mall' with us, and for us in the 'gadget talk or ladki maal' discussions :-P

Sports Myths
1. Cricket, all forms, test, one day, 20-20 is not French for us.
2. We understand run rates, strike rates, economy and all catching positions. Don't act shell shocked, if we mention any of these terms.
3. We don't need your 'expertise' on who should have Dhoni sent next and which line should Irfan Pathan bowl. We would rather listen to Shastry say 'end of the over,its 24 for 2'.
4. Football is not only about Messi and Ronaldo.
5. Tennis is not only about Wimbledon and Federer.

Myths which can be(are :-) ) true and react as suggested below:
We cry because, that's the only way to win an argument :-)

When we ask if we are fat, we always want to hear a 'NO and it should not be 'INSTANT'. Look at us, and then disbelievingly say, 'What makes you think that!'. Because each women wants to feel beautiful na!

If we say we are wrong and you were right, you would have to repeatedly disagree till we are satisfied. Caution, this could go on for days.

If we say we don't want to talk, you would have repeatedly coerce us to talk till we are satisfied. Caution, this could also go on for days.

You have to appreciate our cooking no matter what. If its your mom, it is expected you say 'you are the best cook'. If its your wife, it is expected  say 'you are the best cook'. In the presence of both, please engage your mouth in the eating ONLY.

You have to notice our new clothes and dresses and haircuts. Else what's the use of wearing them duh!

There is no way of getting out of discussions. You have to act as if you have fallen sick and draw sympathy, or you have to accept that it was your fault immediately. Do the latter please!

Most importantly, You need to show you love us, by flowers and coey coey messages and gifts at times. Because EVEN WOMEN are not mind readers :-P

No feminists take, plain humor people. Oh but yes, I do mean what I wrote above and you dare not disagree :-P

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Nagaon beach and the Shintrewadi experience

Ash and I decided to celebrate International Women's day' in advance. Just the two us spent a blissful weekend (3-4 Mar 12') at Nagoan beach, in Maharashtra. This is 7kms from Alibaug and is famous for it's serene, uncrowded and clean beaches. It is on the west coast of India, and hence we get to enjoy the calm and the loving waters of the Arabian sea. The famous song 'Sagar kinare dil yeh pukare' from the flim Sagar was shot here, so now you know ;-)

We started off from Pune at about 9, Saturday morning in our car. Nagaon is 150 kilometers from Pune and since I was driving a Logan, we managed to cover the distance in 2.5 hours.

We always stay at the Shintrewadi cottages when we are here. This place is truly a travelers delight and makes the beach experience even more memorable. It is the best getaway for a short period of 2 days and is easily accessible by Mumbai and Pune both. Please do read more about this place here. It is a very informative website, and what you see here, is what you would find there.

More about our stay:

We stayed at the yellow cottage(you would know if you have gone through the link details). The tariff is Rs 2500, 4 persons for a day, which is very economical. These cottages are extra special, because they open up right onto the beach.

At Shintrewadi, they serve you home made Konkani food, both veg and non veg. The 'ukadiche' (boiled rice) modak, and fish fry (surmai, prawns, pomfret) are mouth watering. You can also call them in advance, and let them know about your preferences, or special konkani(food from Konkan region) dishes which you want to taste.

The veg thali(plate) cost about Rs 100, which includes, 2 sabjis(cooked veggies), dal(lentils), tak(buttermilk), salad, unlimited chapati(indian,bread) and unlimited rice. I did ask for a piece of fish fry along with my thali, and Ash had bhajji(gram flour coated fried onions and potatoes)

The best part: They serve you tea at anytime of the day and night!

The staff treats you like a family.
Saturday night, since it was just 2 of us(girls), they came up to us couple of times, to check if we were safe or not. Reason, perverts uncles who were also having beer in the cottage next door.

Sunday afternoon when we were at the beach, one of them came up to us, informing us about our phones constantly ringing in our rooms. Later he apologized, because he thought he was interfering a lot. Do you find such people anymore nowadays?

Sunday afternoon at lunch in the lunch area, we met with Mr and Mrs Shintre, who spoke to us for about 15 minutes. They were so sweet and nice, it was as if I was talking to my own parents. We shared a lot of things over lunch. They didn't intrude, instead we actually felt so much at home. They spoke to each and every guest having lunch.

This place has 3 cottages, a villa, a farmhouse and a bungalow, all of them occupied but because it is a 3 acre plot, with so many lush green trees, it gives you a feeling of solitude and peace.

Beach time:
The entire time we were there, we were at the beach, either walking along the shore in the evening and early morning or running about in the water, swimming in the sea(only in the high tide) and yes we did carry our costumes, much to the delight of the pervert uncles, or just lying about in the water.
We sat on the jhulas(swings) and the Tyre swings and leapt back in time into our childhood!!!!
Played catch catch, and drowning drowning (Yes that is game:-P)
Eyed cute guys who played cricket all the time when we were in the sea. Who needs to know, I am married? :-))
Talked and talked and talked our hearts out. Mr Shintre did mention to us, that in our daily routine, we literally do everything but talk and LISTEN to one another. The accommodation houses NO TVS, and Mr Shintre inspite of repeated complains, prides on this fact. No TV is actually what forces people to talk, listen and hence detox!

We couldn't agree more! As I said before, if you are in Maharashtra and have a weekend which you want to spend doing nothing, but walking aimlessly along the coast, breathing in the salty sea air, and listening to the chirping of the birds, catching the ultimate beauty of mother nature -> the sunrise and sunset and getting to be yourself, this is 'THE' place. Get your bags packed in a jiffy and head along to this place this weekend guys! It the perfect short holiday!

I have the options of 'hill stations in Maharashtra' as a short holiday as well. Had been to Mahteran in Jan, and would write about that as well soon. But for now, have a look at he fotus:-)

The Yellow cottage

me on the tyre swing:-)


the beach

Ash on the big swing

on one of our walks

Friday, March 2, 2012

Get Motivated!

This is a motivational story, which had been contributed by an associate in my company's internal portal and I couldn't stop myself from sharing it here!

There were four candles. All were burning slowly. The ambiance was so soft you could hear them talking.
First one said “ I am PEACE! However nobody can keep me lit. I believe I will go out.”
The Second one said “ I am FAITH! Most of all I am no longer indispensable, so it doesn’t make any sense that I stay lit any longer.
The third one said “ I am LOVE! I haven’t got the strength to stay lit. People put me aside and don’t understand my importance. They even forget those who are nearest to them.”

Suddenly a child enters  the room and sees three candles not burning. “ Why are you not were suppose to burn till the end”. Saying this child begins to cry.

Then the fourth candle said “ Don’t be afraid child. While I am burning we can RE-LIGHT the other candles.
The joyous child after re-lighting  the other candles asked who are you?
The fourth candle answered “ I am HOPE!”

The flame of hope should never go out of our life and  we can maintain Peace, Faith and Love !!!

This article had been contributed by Piyush Baijal for my company.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Time for the Blind Eye and the Deaf Ear

I am sensitive by nature, and can take comments about my private life, nature and bodily imperfections to the heart. You can owe it to my Cancerian traits and really, I am not proud of it people. So, I make friends very carefully, but when I do, I consider them to be my best buddies, and expect them to understand how I am and be a little considerate. But still, somehow, they never fail to hurt time and again.

After a LOT OF mulling, I now happen to know, how have I turned into a friend, with whom you can easily get away with it. How have I turned into the one who bears the brunt of the fight always. How have I become what I am now, sorry and sad to have let them hurt me.
It is because
I am short tempered; I get angry fast but calm faster, so they don't take my anger seriously.
I forget about old fights and if there is a fight, I take the initiative to sort things out, so that they become normal.
I don't lead a NORMAL life like other Married girls, so I crib sometimes about things which matter to me, since it is only fair considering how much more I have sacrificed. And I crib, only when they ask me, not for them to label me as 'not a nice girl'!
I am the friend, who you can turn to, when there is no one else, and I would still accept you with open arms.
I am the friend, who jokes around a lot and hence not taken seriously.

This is not a self-sympathy post and I don't feel ashamed of writing it. It is an ANGER RANT, again triggered by a hurtful comment!

Anger because even after all these continuous comments, I had some faith, but it was still told to me again!
But somehow now, I cannot see myself forgetting such incidents anymore. I have tried a lot to look past them and value the friendship more. But this disrespect cannot be tolerated any further. 

Because, friendship is a scared, intimate and a close relationship, which has to be MUTUALLY sustained. I am now weak with the stress and pressure of holding it together, when they repeatedly break the bond leaving me battered. If it doesn't mean so much to them, then what am I doing with it, being all bruised!!

I don’t think I have the strength to cut them of my life. I don’t think I am so evil to ignore them in their sorrow, and not rejoice in their joys. It may also be my limitation to not able to endure any more of this. It may also be my limitation of not having more tolerance or for being so sensitive.

But this is the limit. I now know, I have to and I have the tenacity to shove aside this muck. I have seen worse and this is a mere glitch, and the only thought which is bouncing off my head is 'get past this', 'get past this' 'Ignore' 'Ignore'.

The rant is on the blog because I had to get it out somewhere and not onto someone, to save the sarcasm 'of not being a nice girl' for this crib, from a friend again! They will Judge me still, but this time I will choose to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to them!