Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Blogger Gift

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to one and all. May Lord Ganesh bestow prosperity and good fortune to all his devotees. Loads of modaks with ghee and awesome pandals sightings everyone. Hopefully people are getting the Eco friendly idols of the Lord this year. These are not made of POP and dissolve faster.

I have been busy lately, so the pending posts, but I will get there and read them all, bear with me please.

This post has been long pending, so here it is. Ramya's hubby Param had visited Pune in July this year. And since its my birthday in July, Ramya, the warm hearted person that she is, sent me a birthday present! I consider her to be a pen friend, since we also interact over mails and phone calls apart from the blog, and how happy was I, when she told me about the surprise. I mean, someone I haven't seen, someone I know just know over the blog, sends me a present!! How super cool and thoughtful was that?

We meet her hubby over coffee. We (CK and I, going forward this is assumed, unless stated otherwise :-) ) were quite skeptical about what we would talk. We didn't know what Param looked like and what were his interests. Ramya had shot off some emails about how Param is and how I would have to do all the talking. Well Ramya, we spent about an hour in the cafe, and trust me, not once did I feel that I had to say something because the silence was killing us. And trust me again, when I say, we never realized how the hour passed. And if it wasn't for his flight, we would have continued to chat for an hour more! We talked about loads of stuff, but interestingly the most about you. Well blog friends, Ramya did interrupt the chat by checking into Param and messaging me, but that's OK I guess :-) It was a wonderful well spent evening and I wish you were there too.

And yes, now the gift then. Thank you dearest, this is such a lovely gift!

Ramya's Birthday present for me!
Also, I won 'Guess the movie from the poster' contest at Rahul Aggarwal's Blog and hence I get to put this awesome cup on my blog! Thank you Rahul :-)