Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The time when we were wasted!

There was a time when we were totally wasted.
Dec 2010. Ash, Priya and I had 4 days off in London. We had no clue how we were supposed to spend those days. After a lot of ideas which were subsequently rejected, we decided on having a Christmas party. This party was supposed to be grand one with cake, vada pav, vodka and finest dresses.
The actual party turned out to be three something 20 year olds in their night wear and a simple chocolate cake.

Frustrated Ash, decided she is going to make the most of it, went off to ASDA and bought a bottle of vodka and wine. Now to make things clear, we drink RARELY, so the drinking was an adventure for us. It was after 10 in the night and all of us were still eating the cake. No bottles were opened yet. Finally to get some jaan into the 'party', I filled half of my tea cup with vodka and sat with it for 10 minutes. Ash pestered and pestered and I finally gulped down the vodka neat. Yeah bottoms up; half a cup; neat. Immediately Ash filled her cup with Vodka and gulped that neat. Priya looking at both of us, came and sat on the table. We knew she just needed a bit of persuasion and she would get going. Well we obliged and there she was gulping down half a cup of vodka in one shot!

Soon we were gulping down cups and cups of vodka, neat. Something was missing. That is when I called up CK, and demanded a pack of cigarettes. After the initial shock, he promptly came to our house with the Malbaro pack. Ofcourse he had to demonstrate the entire process, but once done we sent him packing. Aping him, I smoked for the first time in my life. The feeling was terrible and disgusting, but people let me tell you, I managed to get the dhua not from my mouth but from my nose! Ash and Priya exclaimed but looking at my disgusted expression refused to touch it. The chota adventure came to an end and the half smoked cigarette met its end under the tap(because it just wouldn't go off)!

After this unsuccessful attempt at smoking we went back to our vodka. It tasted better and back were our smiles. We ate more cake because someone told us eating sweet will bring in the nasha faster. Yes that is what we were looking for, to get drunk! Ash got out the lappy and played songs from Dabang. Priya and I started dancing. After that, when the vodka got over and when the wine was opened and finished and how many songs and what volume we played, none had a clue. The camera was on the whole time and it recorded all all dances and gibberish talks.

Finally after 2, we actually started swaying. We drank everything neat, bottoms up and mixed wine with vodka. The chadne wala part had triggered in. We all were very very aware that we were now very drunk. Totally drunk. Next thing we know is, we were calling up people! I called up CK at 2:30AM and started yelling at him and telling him to give me more attention. I know I yelled about this, but what were the exact words only CK knows :-P Mine was still better, considering Priya called up her mom in India to let her know that her daughter was drunk but it is fine to be drunk :-) Listening to her conversation Ash retrieved the device from her hand and hid it. Finally after 3AM we called it the night and decided to sleep. But was the night going to end just like that?

None of us were able to walk back to our bedrooms. Honestly it swayed, the room swayed BAD, just like they show in the movies. That happened. The washroom was 10 steps away from the bedroom, but I was holding the wall to reach the bathroom door. And we were so conscious that I was telling Ash, that "Look look Ash I am swaying, like in the movies. Look how drunk I am!!" As soon as I reached the washroom, the first thing I did was vomit. I stood up and when I saw down, Ash was there vomiting. She stood and I went down again. You are cringing reading this, but we felt soooo much better after the puking! Finally we crept back to our beds and slept. What Priya was doing all that time, NO CLUE!

The next day, exactly at 6AM, we all were up. Fresh as the dew. It is said, that jab 'utharthi hain' tab immediately neend khulti hain. The next minute we were around the lappy looking at the videos. and My what a shock we were in for. We were dancing with lewd movements, talking utter rubbish and were not at all SANE. What we felt that we were conscious, didn't look like anything in those videos. We looked terrible, danced cheaply and were totally drunk.

The entire day was spent in a sickening hangover. We just ate rice and were severely dehydrated! Its been 2 years since then, but we never drank again like that. Because the drinking was fun but the hangover?!? NO. I swear I don't think I would ever get so drunk, because I dread the hangover that much. The episode became quite a talk of the town with people demanding the pictures and the videos for proof. Let me state this clearly here-> If you want the pictures, we demand a royalty more than the pics for beti B. WELL YES, they are THAT totally X rated! If not, you just have to believe me ;-)

Ahh, the time when we were totally wasted!

PS: I have not been replying to any posts, comments, emails, phone calls, messages. There was this huge turmoil. I keep vanishing and come back with this excuse. But sadly, this is not an excuse. This post, because I wanted to write something different. Something fun!
Happy Navratri.