Friday, November 16, 2012

Time to Get Fit

Diwali is a weird festival. One month before the mighty festival announces its arrival, people go berserk! There is this extensive list of things to do which includes cleaning and scrubbing, buying the decorations and the diyas, shopping for presents and new clothes and the making of the faraal (diwali savories). The month vanishes in a jiffy and lo there is the Goddess Lakshmi in all her finery and grandeur.

This Diwali, I got up early morning (before sunrise), followed that with swift last minute pocha of the floors, the traditional oil massage, bath, and the diya lighting. Well breakfast is faraal during diwali :-), so that broke fast. A visit to the temple, and finally the rangoli drawn up outside the house. I don't burst crackers(haven't since 2000, i.e. after the Kargil war) so that plan just blew. So then really now what? How do people spend the Diwali time between 11PM to 5PM during diwalis? OK, you cook this lavish food, but not for 6 hours. I actually strained my brains hard, to remember what we did when we were kids? Well as far as I can remember, mum just sent us to play like every other holiday, have lunch by 1PM and then sleep till 4PM. Boring na, so I find it weird. Don't get me wrong, Diwali is my favorite festival but not because of the D Day but because of all the preparations and rituals which proceeds the festival. That's the exciting part!

Well, so never mind, I didn't play (since really that would look ridiculous, although I don't mind playing!) and there was not a lot to cook. So when nothing sujofies, we just dump ourselves into the nearest theatres and watch what they show. And that how I watched 'Jab tak hain Jaan'. Being this hardcore SRK fan, strange that this was the first time I actually saw his movie on the first day! Anyways, I loved the movie, and SRK in that stubble and uniform is crackling hot. And yes SRK involves in some not so serious lip locking(actually brushing) with his lady love (which is Katrina). This is the first time he has locked lips(after the debacle of Maya memsaab), but I really couldn't take it. Ash accompanied me to the movies, and how I bored her with 'how could he do that', 'is that how SRK actually kisses', 'Omigod, he actually kissed her'. I was heart broken, because yeps this is how much he means to me, but never mind. Yeh to kabhi na kabhi hona hi tha.

Coming back, the crackers were in full swing all over, but I was glad, that none in our building burst those ear drum shattering bombs. I really don't look forward to all that noise. It is the lighting and the diyas which catch my attention. After the nth round of the faraal eating again, we sat and watched the rockets swishing itself through the sky and sometimes through the windows on the top floors.

Well so, what does the topic actually have to do with all this mindless Diwali blabbering I just did. OK, here it is. I had a LOT (and I actually mean the LOT in the caps) of Diwali faraal. Diwali week is not for guilt, so I gorged on those delicious ghee laded savories bindass without worrying about the calories piling on. I mean common, you really cant care about that during Diwali can ya! But now the Diwali week is over, and so is the dream. Its time to get REAL and fit.

So here is the plan. I intend to run for 30 minutes daily for starters and then move on to the lethal combination of swimming and running after 2 weeks. Swimming is treacherous considering the cold mornings in Pune, but again the cold will help loose the fat faster! So this place is going to be bursting with all the details of how I am doing (don't worry, of course I would write some meaningful posts not like this as well). I am really doing this, so that you guys can keep a watch over me, and I live up to to these high claims that I keep making! So there, that explains the heading :-P

Well I have a call to attend now, so that's enough of the blabbering! Hopefully all you guys had had a fab of a Diwali and I am really looking forward to some awesome Diwali posts and stories :-)

PS: Apologies for Vanishing like that before Diwali.

Friday, November 9, 2012

A Diwali Wish

The glitter of the diyas, accents the splendor of the lanterns

The chatter around the house, surges the racket of the crackers

The ghee laded savory, appetites the already saturated stomachs

And the shimmering divine attires, sparkles the dazzling vivacious nights!

Wishing All a brilliance of a Diwali

A shimmering lighting trails to prosperity

Of beautiful good luck, fortune and sanctity

Of a paradise as a life, of only merriment and glee!