Sunday, August 17, 2014

Birthdays become doubly special when

You get gifts a week before the actual day :-) :-) Ash and Priya you guys are the best. My angels.

(There is actually a very cute story associated with this one. Ash asked me for an opinion with respect to watches on one of the online websites, stating she needed to buy one for her close school friend. I told her what I liked. And lo, a week later wasn't I in for a surprise when I find the same watch, after I open the above gift wrapped parcel. I totally loved it because I know how much it costs. Lol I kid :-P)

When your family makes it a point to be there with you 2 days before your special day and plan a smashing birthday weekend outing. Kiniamma, Navin tiddi, Priya you were dearly missed, and I understand why you were not there.

(The pictures are from the amazing lunch we had en route Tamini ghat. My mom had bought the most detailed lunch which included pickles, papads and chaas as well :-) )

When you have a surprise visit from a friend (who has become terribly close in the past one very difficult year, both for him and me) after 12 in the night, and gets loads of peru, chocolates, birthday card and very special handwritten letter. I shall cherish the letter for life my friend.

When your birthday falls on a Saturday. I don't think we need pictures to explain this.

And when its your 30th birthday. I am certainly not explaining this.


We are weird because

We yell in joy, when we spot this in Aundh Pune. I had coffee from this place almost every single day when I was in London. And when I say London, it brings back some great memories (And some other memories which I would conveniently like to forget :-) )

Of course I didn't have this drink everyday in London. Simply because-> I could either drink that or save to buy a house in Pune :-P

We are also weird because, we click such photos when the movies don't start on time, and there are no worth watching trailers :-|

We are also weird when we don't head to work, but instead stop right on the highway to click some amazing photos. Rains. Pune. Love.

And finally can't get weirder than this. Eat deserts before the starters at Barbecue nation !

What weird things do you do?

Saturday, August 9, 2014

August started with

a 12 km run from Chandani Chowk to Manas Resort before Pirangut Village. If you live in Pune, you ought to know that this is a beautiful ghat road with enough hilly trails to provide the thighs and knees something to remember for couple of days. We stay at Warje, so we drove down to the 24 hour Cafe coffee day at Chandani Chowk and parked the car there. From there on, the run was beautiful with 4 halts in total.

Running is therapeutic for me and I cannot stress on this further. I cannot even recollect the number of thoughts which crossed my mind during the entire run. Weirdly enough I stopped my music right after the initial 3 kms. The weather, trail was more than enough, to keep me motivated. Ash did a great job completing the 12 km run. Proud of her!

Running alongside a view like this

That's just half way of the run

Sweat - from head to toe

And ofcourse my awesome Mum is here. So breakfast everyday is way way better than any five star hotel buffet. And after this run it was this

We rush off to Lonavala at 5:30 AM, because

Ash really cant wear a sweater in the house, but only in amazingly chilly foggy mornings like this

I want to pose with my amazing car, foggy backgrounds and DDLJ bridges 

We want to drive through winding fog covered roads like this

And have our bed tea in a tapri, amid the rains, for a price of Rs8

I want to remind myself to learn to drive one of these and come back again on it

And I also want to dream away sitting on the rocks near Bhushi Dam. You ought to strain your eyes and see the dam waters between the fog.

We would like to do our morning walks on a road like this. Bliss

And finally eat guilt free. Paraths, Misal and Upma if you wish