Sunday, August 17, 2014

We are weird because

We yell in joy, when we spot this in Aundh Pune. I had coffee from this place almost every single day when I was in London. And when I say London, it brings back some great memories (And some other memories which I would conveniently like to forget :-) )

Of course I didn't have this drink everyday in London. Simply because-> I could either drink that or save to buy a house in Pune :-P

We are also weird because, we click such photos when the movies don't start on time, and there are no worth watching trailers :-|

We are also weird when we don't head to work, but instead stop right on the highway to click some amazing photos. Rains. Pune. Love.

And finally can't get weirder than this. Eat deserts before the starters at Barbecue nation !

What weird things do you do?


  1. well well I am weird person so i have so many weird things :) and it was sad that you were in london and we could not meet .. hey when you coming back


  2. I love Costa though..not very big fan of Starbucks..London mein to kabhi nahi piya waha pe :):):)


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