Saturday, June 27, 2015

Running the Hyderabad Half Marathon 2015

Well, I have officially started training for Hyderabad half marathon. Actually I am into the second week right now. For people who don't know I have completed 2 half marathons last year, so I am officially a long distance runner now (yayyy). This training is getting very interesting because I am training with a partner right now. Last Aug I had joined the Pune running group and met some wonderful people who were (if that's possible) more crazy about running that I am :-D :-P I met Pallo there, and since then we have grown really close. 

Training for any distance is fun, and if you have someone who is equally mad about fitness and running, then its Diwali everyday :-) 

Today we did the Oxford Golf Course route, and its an all and all hill route. One thing we are doing different for this marathon is running up those mad hills every once a week, and we have done that twice already. Its a mind boggingly (yeps that's a word :-P) beautiful route though. 

Started at 5:45 AM, did a 1 km warm up at Vaishnavi till Trikaya and back, because that's a out and out flat route. Jumped back into the car and drove till Oxford (which is about 5 mins, by car) before we got cooled down again and then attacked the hills. We did this because, the last time, with very less warmup the hills were very painful, atleast the first 2 kms. This time, ofcourse its always painful, but we felt way way better after the initial warm up. And yeah slow running for one km, is the best kind of warm up as per me :-P

Unfortunately don't have any photos of the route, but next time (which is hopefully tues) I will have pics put up here. Did the hills, with million of breaks, and ran with a pace wherein we could talk. Of course when its Pallo and me, we can yacckk away till dusk. While returning, the cool hotel receptionist from the hifi OGC gave us two cute bisleri bottles. We forgot to carry ones and we were totally dehydrated. And yes have to mention, both of us walked down the hill, because downhills are very easy and tempting, but they are horrible for my leg knee and shin. Ditto for Pallo. No injuries please.

We had a very interesting discussion about our nutrition. We have decided to try glutamine into our daily runs. It aids muscle recovery and delays fatigue. Since we don't want to try something on the race day, we would be trying it shortly in the next few weeks hopefully and see how it works. Will update the blog accordingly. We also discussed nutrition bars for before and after runs.

I have two links for you

And if you want some really good energy bars (not the ones which include sugar, corn syrup)

Came home, ate methi parathas and one boiled egg and a cup of tea(courtesy mum, with her here, life is super duper easy and blessed), and slept for three hours straight. 

Rest of the day: Hydrating like crazy, reading a suspense novel, eating hot chips, then dance class in the evening, and then maybe a movie :-P Majaani LIFE!

A post without pics is boring :

So my muncher cruncher for now. Water and hot chips, deadly combo! and of course this is one hour after my lunch. Yeps, I told you, I can't diet :-P

Priya has also enrolled for the Hyd Half, its her first and she is going to rock it!!! Here's her pic from HYD. Wow, the sheer turnout of the people for a weekend run makes me sooo happy!! Sooo looking forward to running with these hard core champs. You can spot Priya in the last row, in her fluorescent green t shirt :-)

Pallo sent this, and ITS SO DAMN TRUE!

I didn't seem to find any good running blogs in India (tons from the west to read though). so if you have not noticed, this is turning out into a running blog, with loads of other crap as well. You are welcome :-P

Do any of you guys run?

What plans for you Saturday?
Anyone tried nutrition bars?

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