Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Lunges can kill you

From the past few weeks, I am unable to get a fully rested sleep. I do sleep on time by 10:30, but keep getting up at weird times like, 1:30 AM last night. It hampers my sleep a lot, and I find that I struggle to get through the day with less sleep and rigorous workouts. Definitely need to work on this! Getting a minimum of 6.5 - 7 hours of SOUND sleep is very important.

But since its our coaching time on BMCC grounds, I did get up, and dragged myself there. But once I am there, its a totally different story. My body is all charged up for the awesome killer workouts our sir has designed for the day. Today was LUNGES.

We did the below kinds of lunges, unfortunately I don't have any pics. I keep forgetting to take one, while exercising. I am just describing it write now, but I have this feeling that we are going to go through this torture again, so I shall have pics for you soon.

Forward lunges: The basic lunge. 12 * 4 reps.
Forward lunges with 5kg weights: The basic lunge with holding the 5 kg weight in front of your chest. 12 * 3 reps
Backward lunges with 5 kgs weights: Lunge backward (ensuring you stabilize on your front leg) with holding the 5 kg weight straight up your head. 12 * 2 reps.
Forward lunges with 5kg weights with side twist: The basic lunge with holding the 5 kg weight in front of your chest. Once bent forward, twist to your side and come up. 12 * 3 reps.
Side twist lunge with 5 kgs weights: Same as forward lunge, but instead of landing straight ahead, you land slightly to your side. 12 *3 reps.

Came back home, felt drained out. Ate breakfast and slept like a log. Skipped office, because I felt exhausted due to the sleep issue I mentioned above. If you have to rest, you have to. Ideally I should have skipped the trainings, but since I love these bmcc trainings a lot, I skipped office. Bad I know, but my efficiency would have been zero today!

Felt 10000 times better after my nap, so decided to head off to Life republic. For those who don't know, I had booked a flat in 2012, and its ready now!! I had to show it to my mom, and Ash had to check hers too (yeah even she bought a flat here).

I finish off with this below picture. See it carefully! This is easily one of the most significant pictures of year 2015. My own House. Can't describe feelings in words. Thank you Ash, for making me do this! I owe this one to you. Easily the only good decision I took in my late 20s!

Do you guys lunge?

Do you feel guilty when you bunk office for a not so strong reason?